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drugs in

No description

kiera boote

on 29 May 2018

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Transcript of drugs in

Thank You!
peer pressure
the feeling of everyone else having a phone
Kanye West warns people about phone addictions
prevention and support
don't use before bed
it really is a problem

Short term Long term
a study in South Korea done by Kim Nam-Hee studied the difference between the time 10 year old's spent with family and phone
underlying emotional issues
such as depression
It can be a crutch for
post traumatic stress
children's emotional and
behavioral growth is stumped
in adult brains melatonin
is not released
72% of people say they are rarely 10 feet away from their phone
grown to be socially awkward
and pessimistic
eye strain and neck pain
92% of teens say that they are on their phone daily
www.techaddiction.ca/smart-phone-addiction -problem.html
compulsion to check
nomophobia is the fear of being with out a phone
muscle cramps
different...all eyes on you
not being able to keep in touch with friends
some airports are enforcing "no cell-phone zones"
act differently around others
a girl in gr.2 talks about mom's phone addiction
reduce phone's brightness
place curfews and rules
no phones in sight at school
can happen to anyone with a phone
going places where you can's use it

addiction help lines
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