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Kelloggs Company Prezi

Kellogg Company Presentation by Esther Schecklman Marshfield, Wisconsin MMS

Esther Schecklman

on 20 December 2014

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Transcript of Kelloggs Company Prezi

Kellogg Company
Kelloggs Company Prezi
Esther Schecklman
6th Hour Business HB
Career Quest
Prezi Project
Business Information
Kelloggs Company
One Kellogg Square
Battle Creek, MI, 49016
Ticker: K
Kellogg Company Trades on NYSE
Company Information
Kellogg Company makes Cereal, Cookies, Veggies, Waffles, Bars.
Financial Information
~K is worth about $66.02
~Their Price a Month ago was 65.60
~One Year Ago K Was Worth 60.53
~K Paid a Dividend on Nov. 26, 2014 and it was worth $0.49.
~K usually pays dividend every 3 months (4 times a year)
History of K
Kellogg Company began on February 19, 1906
Company Facts and Figures
2013 Revenues~ 14,792,000,000
2012 Revenues~ 14,197,000,000
2011 Revenues~ 13,198,000,000
Buy, Sell, or Hold??
Experts say...
1 Says K is a

Strong Buy
1 says K is a
Okay Buy
10 say to

on to K
6 say K is
0 Said to

December 15, 2014 Chart of K taken from Yahoo.com
Kellogg's went public on January 9th 1952
Will Keith Kellogg. He is The Founder of Kellogg Company
Kellogg's through the years.
According to Yahoo.com/finance
Early Kellogg Products
Early Kellogg's Factory
Companies Owned by Kellogg Company
Total Revenues
Net Income
2013~ 1,807,000,000
2012~ 961,000,000
2011~ 866,000,000
people work for Kellogg Company
Kellogg's Products are sold in over
countries, but only produced in
Kellogg Company doesn't have their own stores. The sell their products within Conveince Stores. They do Have Many Factories.
International Business
K sells Internationally in many countries.
Some major Countries are...
~United States

Thank You for Watching!!!
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