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Moon and Back

Web Marketing & Analytics Final Project

Patrick Hebert

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Moon and Back

Background Tammy opened Moon and Back Beads in the Kozlov Mall recently
She sells handcrafted jewelry on Etsy.com, at craft shows, and by referral
Part of all profits go to Autism research Her webSite is kinda old school
tells people about her business
refers traffic to her Etsy.com store
talks about her passion for her son
NO ANALYTICS! Audience 25- 34 & 45 - 65
Interested in beading
in Canada, USA & UK
Earth conscious
socially conscious
either want to make or buy bead jewelry
not average Walmart shoppers Current goals inform visitors
sell items on Etsy
direct customers in-store
advocate for Autism
showcase work These are only guesses
because there don't appear
to be any real goals defined TRANSFORMATION what i would do... purchase MoonandBack.ca - protect brand
establish baseline analytics
install WordPress, custom theme
all in one seo
etsy plugin
capture analytics - google analytics & statcounter.com
Heatmap plugin New Visitor Goals build customer contact list
add interactivity
fresh content - etsy, articles, tuts
sell direct, limit Esty sales New Site Goals increase traffic to drive online sales
increase in store visits
leverage social media to support fundraising
increase revenues by offering to sell items on consignment Metrics Google Analytics
visitor location for marketing
browser/system settings
navigation paths
time on site
a/b content switch testing
bounce rate
keyword analysis
Also use surveys for more information... Results based Campaigns - cJ
Free publicity
animoto + youtube + facebook PROMO StratEgy 1)Redesign the website using WordPress and install appropriate plugins.
2)Display content from Etsy store on the site.
3)Capture visitor information, develop email list.
4)Use Google Analytics to capture visitor data, navigation paths and relevant keywords.
5)Initiate an affiliate pay-per-sale program.
6)Write articles, tutorials and original content, use appropriate tags, and keep the site updated regularly.
Summary of Recommendations
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