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ABC Book

No description

Jace Holloway

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of ABC Book

ABC Book
A is for Altar Arrangements. Alter Arrangements are floral designs placed near the altar of a church. You need altar arrrangments in weddings.
B is for Balance. Balance is needed in all floral arrangements
C is for casket spray. Caskets sprays is an arrangement placed on top of a casket. You need casket sprays for funerals.
D is for dish garden. Dish gardens are different types of potted plants in the same container.
E is for easel. Easels are a tripod like stand for holding up symathy flowers. Easels are used in funerals.
F is for floral foam. Floral foam is a porous material that holds water and provides stability for flowers. You need floral foam when making arrangements.
G is for grouping. Grouping is the method of placing flowers in sections or areas of just one type to repeat their growth in nature. Grouping is used when making gardens.
H is for Hogarth Curve. A hogarth curve is an arrangement in the shape of an S
I is for intensity. Intensity is the relative brightness or dullness of a hue.
J is for joining point. Joining point is where the wired and taped stems converge. This is used when making boquets.
K is for kneeling bench. A kneeling bench is decorated for a wedding ceremony used by the bride and groom to kneel on during the wedding ceremony.
L is for lily. A lily is a type of flower which are used when making arrangements.
M is for mass flowers. Mass flowers are round or solid flowers used to fill out the shape of a design.
N is for Nosegay. Nosegay is a type of flower arrangement used for weddings.
O is for ovary. Ovary is a part of the female flower this is needed to make a seed.
P is for pew decorations. Pew decorations are bows,flowers,or floral designs attached to the ends of the pews by the aisle used in weddings.
Q is for querciflix. Querciflix is a type of greenery which can be used greenery in arrangements.
R is for ribbon. Ribbon is used to decorate almost any arrangement.
S is for sepuls. Sepuls is a green leaf like structure on the exterior of the flower.
T is for tone. Tone is a full spectrum hue with grey added.
U is for unity candle. A unity candle is a center piece featuring a candle which the bridal couple lights during a wedding ceremony.
V is for vase. A vase is a glass container which holds floral arrangements.
W is for wreath. A wreath is flowers of foliage woven or fashioned into a circular shape used around the holidays.
X is for Xylem. Xylem is tissue in the stem of a flower that transports mater and minerals from the roots to the leaves.
Y is for yard stick. A yard stick is a type of measuring tool. It can help when measuring ribbon or the length of a flower stem.
Z is for Zinnia. Zinnia is a flower that comes in all colors.
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