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Who invented the car?

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Chalcedony Barnes

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of Who invented the car?

#6 Some innovations that the car has been through
#9 How has the car impacted society in a negative way?
The car has impacted society in a negative way because it causes pollution and it make the air hard to breathe in for people.
#3 Who invented the car?
Karl Benz had made original auto-mobile. But there are multiple people who made something like the car like Leonardo Da Vinci, & Nicholas-Joseph Cugnot.
#8 How has the car impacted society in a positive way?
The car has impacted the society in a positive way by making easier to travel and the no usage of animals for the steering. It also takes a shorter amount of time to get to your destination.
#4 How was car originally used?

The car was used originally for wealthy people to use as toys and it was also used to transport goods to different
1) Cars
By: Elijah & Chalcedony P1 9/17/15

2# The Purpose of a car
The purpose of a car is to transport people and objects in a fast and convenient manner.
#5 Disciplines of engineering

Some of the innovations the car has been through includes, the steering wheel (1894), brakes (1902/1903) and rubber tires (1888).In 2014 ford produced its first aluminum car also in November of 2014 a bus that runs on human waste was produced to help better stop pollution in Britain.
#11 If you could what would you change about the car?
#10 Chart
What I would change about the car would be that it doesn't cause as much pollution as it does now so it does not effect the environment - Chalcedony
creating new materials to make a car
allowing for better user interface with car
Creating car and its different components
Gets degrees and where to put different components in car
If I could change anything about the car I would allow it to have a personality of its own. - Elijah
YouTube video

#7 The area of technology that the car is in
The area of technology the car is in Transportation because it takes us to different places.
Mechanical engineering
-Creating Brakes and engines to help car move and operate
chemical engineering
-Combining Chemicals to help car run smoother
electrical engineering
- Designing lights and motors
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