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HR Presentation

Google Management

jonathan Fouché

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of HR Presentation

Introduction _ A company’s organizational culture plays a vital role in it’s success, helps it attract the best talent available in the industry.

_ This case discusses the organizational culture at Google (with unusual models & methods ). Conclusion 4 key to Google Success:

1- Google has attempted to integrate a highly scientific methodology into the employee selection process:Hiring the right people with Innovative recruitment process.

2- Increase efficiency of the training and development (120 hours per year), 360 degree feedback into the employee assessment process. Case Study Google An overview of Google _ Creation date : September , 4th 1998

_ Founders: Larry Page and Sergey Brin

_The company is providing web products.

==> They created first the Google search engine and thanks to its success they launched many other products; like: google maps, gmail and google apps.

==> Their development is also due to their stock exchange listing and the acquisition of others web players like youtube and on the smartphone exploitation system, android. Training / Development _ At least 120 hours of training and development session each year

_ Creation of GoogleEDU in 2010. Gather data about
the 8000 employees
. Suggest an optimal set of classes to take for one employee at one specific time
. Increase efficiency of the training and development

_ Dozens of classes available and regular meetings by famous personnel Agenda Introduction

An Overview of the company

Vision - Mission Statment

Company Culture

Human Resources Management
.Training / Development
.The 70/20/10 Model
.Criticism: Google is not perfect

Conclusion Vision / Mission Statement _ Simple statement to guide all decisions

_ Basis of work culture and employee empowerment philosophy apparent from the day the company was launched in 1998

_ Google as a company that was to be seen as a company run by the geeks Company Culture The head office “Googleplex”, located in Mountain View, is the innovation center of their global organization The employee_
_The Google employee is the “Googler”
. Less than 30 years old
. About 1 million of applications every years

_Keep the “cool” and “school-kid” atmosphere as in the beginning
. To federate its teams, that each employee feels incorporated

==> When you become a “Googler” the tradition is to receive a Volcano Lamp that you put on your office as sign of your membership

The objective is to avoid the company ageing process Company Culture The team
_Compose multicultural and multidisciplinary teams
. “Reflect the world diversity that they wish to serve”

_Look for people who get involve in their work but also in their social life
. Succeed to get on perfectly with their circle
. Assessment of the complicity degree that each applicant is able to develop with their colleagues

==> It is the concept of ‘Googley” Company Culture Company Culture What is the « Googley » concept?

_Being interested in the world around us

_Feel socially responsible_Being fascinated by the technology

==> Look for people who have develop a personal ethic and who will be perfectly adaptable with anyone The work
_Make its “Googlers” responsible. Complete autonomy. No job control ==> It have to be done
. Their Googleplex managers are owner of their Business

_Convinced that greatest ideas born “between two open doors”
. Video games, baby-foot, billiards allow to extend the working time between googlers
. Create better relations that improve the exchanges.Every meetings are made in face-to-face that increase the team creativity Company Culture Human Resources Management Recruiting “Our employees, who call themselves Googlers, are everything. We hope to recruit many more in the future. We will reward and treat them well.”
Larry Page and Sergey Brin _ Key HR philosophy at Google: Hiring the right people

_ 1 recruiter for every 14 employees

_ °Google created the “Applicant Tracking system” (ATS)
. Sort candidate depending on their data
. Find a list of applicant that best fits the job

_ Candidates judged on:. Ability to solve everyday problems
. Mathematical problems. “Googlyness”

_ Innovative recruitment process The 70/20/10 Model Remuneration Compensation:
_ relatively low base salary, high bonus

_ “pay-for-performance” focus on performance and training_ “founders rewards” Remuneration Compensation:

_ Competitive compensation on team basis

_ compensation structure is shaped to promote innovation and employee commitment

_ Blend of salary and perks embedded in an exciting work culture Benefits _ Free gourmet food

_ Fitness + sport facilities

_ Unlimited sick leave

_ Free healthcare

_ Up to 27 paid vacation days

_ Other services: hairdressing, laundry, car wash,

_ “death benefit” Benefits Costs of benefits:

_ Operating costs exceed $1.5 billion per quarter, payroll-related
_ Benefits account for about 50% of revenue (highest in industry)

Benefits of the benefits:

_ Increased productivity and innovation
_ Correlation between employee satisfaction and success _ Long working hours (60+ hours/week)

_ Surveillance and control of employees

_ Unstructured work environment, “overload of happiness”

_ High group pressure, competition

_ Painfully long and arduous hiring process Google is not perfect Introduction Also the case provides insight into the work environment, and recruitment process at Google, and how fostered innovation among employees. Conclusion 4 key to Google success:

3- Remuneration. Relatively low base salary but with high bonus..“Pay-for-performance” focus on performance and training.. Compensation structure is shaped to promote innovation and employee commitment

4.- The famous Benefits of working at Google:This benefefits increased the productivity and innovation, correlation between employee satisfaction and success Conclusion ==> Google is now considering activities that indicate leadership abilities, innovation, or creativity as a means to identify successful job candidates. An overview of Google Revenues are made by:
_ Advertising
_ The auctioning of key words
_ Bargaining with companies which use google products

2011 numbers:
_ The revenue of the company: US$ 37.905 billion
_ Profit of US$ 9.737 billion.
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