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King's Amb

No description

Frankie Wong

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of King's Amb

King's Ambulance Cadet Division
King's Ambulance Cadet Division
Established in 1968
46th Anniversary in 2014

Since 1968
What is St.John?
What is St.John?
Competition \0.0/
Strength: 6 Officers
48 Cadets
Meeting :D
First aid Training
Home Nursing Training
Footdrill Training
Camping *w*
Divisional Camp
Cadet Command Summer Camp
Proficiency Course ^.^
***International Exchange Programme***
Welcome To Join Us!!!!!!!!!
Marcus Lo/ Peter Huang/ Edgar Tong
56420068/ 64963413/ 69806536
For any enquiry, feel free to contact
5D Marcus Lo/ 5A Huang Tsz Kin/ 4A Tong Tsz Fung
Uniform Inspection
First aid
Home Nursing
Footdrill Training
Divisional Camp
Divisional Camp
Summer Camp~~~~~~~
Summer Camp~~~~~~~~~~~
Cporporal Promotion Course
Corporal Promotion Course
Corporal Promotion Course
Corporal Promotion Course Re-U~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Croporal Promotion Course
Joint-School Activities
Inter Divisional Competition
Joint-School Activities
St.John Youth Command :)
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