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Tracy McAllister

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

PLN and Bookmarking
IDT 7078

Challenges I have a delicious account so I knew bookmarking was something I did for me personally in my classwork and also in my teaching, but I previously thought it was strictly for me to use as a way to keep up.
Connnect I can see the educational applications of Diigo. What a great way to teach students about finding authentic resources! To be able to add to our class Diigo they would have to evaluate the site they chose to make sure it met the criteria for submission. Twitter affords many learners to communicate and share in a global community of ongoing professional development. There is no need to wait for a workshop or conference. I love the way Twitter lets me be "upclose and personal" with cutting edge professionals in my area of interest. Twitter can be used to keep parents informed in real time about events in the classroom, field trips, and even in the school and district level. This makes me think of Instagram and how it could be used to post pictures to parents about the eggs hatching in class, or the science experiment in the back room, or the moment when writer, pen, and paper all came together in the best poem ever! A challenge I see is still the same with other Web 2.0 tools. Districts block so many of them and especially ones that are typically social. My challenge comes in teaching students how to use the technology they use every day as a teaching tool. Without access to the site then I do not have the opportunity to teach them social responsibility. I have had a Twitter account for several months but only through this class have I learned to use it. I feel less challenged with the tool than before. I can envision uses for Twitter and bookmarking in the K-16 setting. The greatest benefit I see now is being able to teach teachers how to use it in that "anytime, anywhere' professional development through professional learning networks. Is it my job to teach them responsibility with these tools?
How can I ensure student privacy if I use these tools?
How do I monitor for inappropriate content? I have learned that the educational applications of Twitter and bookmarking are not limited to just the social community. While we are creating a community, it is a community of learners. Previously thought Twitter only was a for Social Media, connecting with friends , the occasional conference 411.
The information in the modules helped me see new ways to use Twitter and bookmarking. With Twitter and Diigo I can see the possibilities for classroom use and ongoing professional development, they are an avenue for growth for both me and my students. In upper level online courses, I can see using Diigo as a platform for students to share sites that pertain to our content knowledge. (thanks Dr. Mims!) I make connections to Twitter and Diigo with Dropbox and Mendeley. Together they are all available web tools and are accessible by many anywhere and anytime. Users are not tied to one computer. I make connections to Twitter and Diigo with Dropbox and Mendeley. Together they are all available web tools and are accessible by many anywhere and anytime. Users are not tied to one computer. References https://www.diigo.com


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"Building a personal learning network requires that you not only seek to learn from others, but also that you also help others in the network learn. Even when you are a novice in a field of learning, you can still make contributions." -- Daniel R. Tobin
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