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The New Deal

No description

Christen Philips

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of The New Deal

And the Arguments against it...
This Led To Stock Market Crash...
Helping People Financially
Pros: It
Employed over 3 million young men.
In 1933 it employed over 250,000 men
It gave many people jobs which
raised the government's money.

Vol XCIII, No. 311
Did it help?...
The Social Security Program
The rich did not like this new deal that president Franklin D. Roosevelt created because
he taxed the rich to help the poor.
The rich also did not like the new deal because
it taxed people who made more than 5,000 a month
and the extra money the got they gave to the poor.
The poor loved the new deal because
it was helping them financially.
The Social Security Program was created by the federal pension system
funded by taxes
This Social Security Program would
help people who retired
and the retirement money they would get was by tax payers.
This Social Security program only
helped the poor
and the tax payer (The Rich) would get frustrated by them having to pay.
The New Deal
March 4,1933
President Franklin D. Roosevelt
He was elected President in 1932 of the United States Of America.
The President started the whole, New Deal Act.
He tried to help the poor with money issues and Social Security.
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!
~ Franklin D Roosevelt
Valerie Mendez
Tristan Clark
Cons: It
didn't help men after they had left the agency.
Many men who couldn't get a job after that
immediately joined the war for WWII.
Some rich thought the government
shouldn't have to help people get a job
if they
wanted their own money.
Why did he create the New Deal?
He created the New Deal because after
The Great Depression
the country went into a lot of debt with using all their money.
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