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When we two parted analysis

some english thing

becky karen

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of When we two parted analysis

GCSE English Poem Analysis When We Two Parted George Gordon Lord Byron When we two parted
in silence and tears,
half broken-hearted
to sever for years, half broken-hearted is a metaphor, they may only have half a heart each because when theyre together they feel whole. She has taken half of his heart with her. Rhyming pattern A, B, A, B. in silence and tears - the affair was secret to sever for years, the lady actually means something and
it is not just 'another affair' they have affection for one another. Pale grey thy cheek and cold,
colder thy kiss;
truly that hour foretold
sorrow to this. colder thy kiss - she is growing cold to him and to her saying good-bye isn't too bad because she has a husband to go back to. sorrow to this; he is practically depressed. rhyming pattern: C, D, C, D. from 'to sever for years' until 'sorrow to this' the only thing he can do to get over her is to pretend she's dead, also to him thinking she is dead is better because its not thinking she is with someone else. The dew of the morning
sunk chill on my brow--
it felt like the warning
Of what i feel now. the whole four lines: he had a hunch that she wasn't going to be
with him anymore so he milked it while it lasted even though he knew it was going to end. rhyming pattern;
E, F, E, F "cold" the feelings he has for her are starting to turn bitter as she isn't with him anymore. Thy vows are all broken,
and light is thy fame;
I hear thy name spoken,
and share in its shame. the vows are all broken: she has broken all the promises she made. and light is thy fame; felt like he had everything when he was with her rhyming pattern;
G, H, G, H i hear thy name spoken, and share in it's shame;
cringes when he hears her name because of all the memories it brings back. They name thee before me,
a knell to mine ear;
a shrudder comes o'er me--
why wert thou so dear? he is questioning why he had her, she isn't his and never will be. rhyming pattern;
I, J, I, J he is also questioning why she meant so much to him they know not I thee,
who knew thee so well--
long, long i shall rue thee,
too deeply to tell. people don't suspect their affair, it is a well kept secret rhyming pattern;
K, L, K, L long, long, i shall rue thee,
too deeply to tell;
he still thinks of her all the time and she will come back in his mind. In secret we met--
in silence i grieve,
that thy heart could forget,
thy spirit decieve it's an affair so he can't tell anyone about his problems. he has to suffer in silence. rhyming pattern;
M, N, M, N she decieved him as she made a promise and broke it If i should meet thee,
after long years,
how should i greet thee?--
with silence and tears he wouldn't know how to greet her if he ever saw her again he'd break down rhyming pattern;
O, P, O, P
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