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Marketing CPT


zeena kaddoura

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Marketing CPT

Marketing Plan Highlights Promotion: New colors, uniforms, slogan and logo
Getting to meet the players after games (only during home games)
Different ticket packages, when purchasing tickets your name will be drawn into a raffle to win many prizes
Advertising the team worldwide in many different ways
Adopting a mascot while providing awaerness about endangered species (the teams mascot a cheetah)
Getting big name sponsors
Getting the community involved
New game environments/ ideas Their are many teams out there in the world approaching different options towards many fans and sponsors towards advertising their teams worldwide. One of them being us the Moreno's. One of our strategies is to get citizens involved to construct a powerful succeeding team once again. By getting the community active in our plan, they will be able to win tickets to our first game back, autographed jerseys by the whole team and prizes. This includes hosting games at popular beaches worldwide, inviting the public to help them practice by playing games with them, and finding out where the big sponsors are at to participate and get our name out there. In addition having commercials during television programs and half times for other sports, posters and ads in newspapers, magazines and social media (Facebook, twitter, my space,etc). Second we have also come up with a new trend called "Night-Ball" that we hope will continue into a succeeding path that will create excitement considering to our audience. Night-Ball is taken place during the night at a beach. All equipment will be fluorescent (nets, volleyballs) including uniforms. This will create excitement, cheering, and fans wanting to come back and observe the following games. Lastly fans will be speaking about this new trend that more people will be wanting to take part of. Product: The Moreno's are a very strong and dedicated volleyball team. Unfortunately they haven't been having such a good season which lead to a down fall towards their goal on winning the shiny trophy. Including morning practices, learning new drills and skills to improve for their future games and of course putting their all into this to succeed. As a proactive measure the teams manager's and agents have hired me to market and promote the teams new image. In response my fellow team mates and I have come up with many image strategies that will permit the team to have ownership and pride as they come back focused and stronger for the up coming years. This includes a new team name, logo, slogan and new jerseys/colors that will allow our team to be unforgettable. Place Price: As we have made new changes towards our image we have also come up with new pricing strategies that will benefit our sport team. For example when purchasing a ticket you will automatically be drawn into a raffle to win many prizes (jerseys with autographs of all players, ticket packages, and dinners at restaurants). Next our ticket packages have been adjusted for our purchaser. Such as two for one on special nights, family package of four including dinner at a restaurant form one of our sponsors, 50% off on tickets for the first game of ever season, and backstage passages. In addition we are working on making a website to keep our fans updated and make them take surveys to help us improve. Lastly they will also be able to view the teams performances in local bars and gaming counsels (xbox360, ps3, Nintendo Wii). We have also devised a strategy to enable our fans to enjoy and understand various parts of our teams profile and history with our new technological state-of-the-art gymnasium, which includes; better seating, lights, television screen throughout the gymnasium to insure you never miss a moment and POS systems to speed up ticket purchasing. Next our team has arranged agreements with the local beach clubs to allow us to host our games at their beaches. Target Marketing A quantitative research will be developed using the method of surveys to consume our audiences feedback. This will benefit our team and environment on what we have done good and things we must reach out to. In addition getting our stands filled up with cheering, happy crowds. Our method will be target to fans (male or female) ages from sixteen and up. This method is being establish to analyze what the disposable incomes for our group targets, thereby helping us to create an appropriate survey.
There for one of our survey has been prepared with the following questions:
Age of person being interviewed
Male or Female?
Whats your favorite team?
What will encourage you to join us on the court?
What kind of food and drink would you prefer (soft drinks, popsicles, hamburgers, etc)
What price do you think is fair for price ticket? Quantitative Research Revitalization Sample Survey Questions * How often do you watch volleyball games?
Less than twice a month
Three to four times times a month
Every game
(Single answer multiple choice)

* Team mascots are an important part of a volleyball team.
Agree or disagree (circle one):
5 4 3 2 1

* When your watching television what amount of time do you spend watching these channels:
Sports Network 25%
Family Channel 25%
Food Network 10%
News Network 20%
Reality Shows 20%
(Constant Sum) Trends In Marketing We have also come up with a few trends and fads for our team , that will be introduced at our games. For example designed jackets and outerwear with our team logo, name and slogan. Second, we have come up with an idea for fans to create a dance that will be displayed during half-times. Fans will be able to vote for the best performance, winners will win prizes. For example free ticket packages, dinners at our sponsored restaurants, meet the players and our new designed jackets and outerwear. Third we will be using a live-cam at half time to scan our crowed to find the fan with the most team spirit, to win a chance to meet the whole team/ watch them train. Lastly our new idea of "Night Ball" we hope that this will continue into a successful idea, that many athletes and fans will enjoy. Day One Day Two Day Four Day Five Our target for this study will be teenagers ages thirteen to nineteen and athletes from ages fifteen and up. We are going to target both psychographical and demographical perspective of our target audience lifestyles. In addition we are hoping to engage the majority of our targets, due to being the only volleyball team from Canada and form of entertainment. Aside from video games, bar and grill restaurants, and gyms. In the other hand we have also come up with strategies that will involve teenage segment marketing. For example students from high schools and athletes will be able to attend local community centers (with gyms) where our team members from The Moreno's will help out our community. By teaching them new techniques and points, including how to properly train for tournaments, try out for sports teams, diet and being active. Team Jersey Handed into you Day Three Team Name: Moreno's
Slogan: Always Something New
Team Colours: Black, Dark Purple, Dark Blue
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