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Megan Monster!!! RAWR

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Megan Monster!!! RAWR

Megan Monster!!! RAWR
by: Austyn Rentschler

family connections!
The Megan monster is connected to the Ruba monster,Austyn monster,and the Ashley monster!
The Megan monster is based on my best friend Megan Wagenblast, she loves food! Especially cookies! They are her favorite! So watch your tray during lunch when sitting next to her!! she will steal your cookies!
Megan monster is the goddess of cookies. Making her symbol the cookie.
The symbol
As a conclusion......
I chose to create the Megan monster because of all of the lovely Halloween candy we had finished the day we got it. We all know that we felt a little off after we ate it all! So I created the Megan monster to eat all of the sweet candy that you had gotten on Halloween night. So we cant eat all of it in a day!
Thank you!!
I hope you enjoyed my Megan Monster prezi! Thanks for listening!! :)
What can she eat?!?!
Well, the Megan monster can eat anything, But lisagna. She is highly allergic to lisagna!
Her hobbies!
My monster has always had the passion for baking, so since it ran threw the family she made a bakery. Her buissnes was very successful.
You'll love her baking!!
A few baking pictures
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