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Selectively Bred Pigs

No description

Harry Shannon

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Selectively Bred Pigs

How do humans use it?

People use the pork to make bacon pork chops, pork roast, and ham. Pigs are also used to make cosmetics, chalk, weed killers, floor wax, crayons, and antifreeze, shoes, paint , chewing gum or even medicines like insulin used to treat diabetes.

Explain how your species was selectively bred. Was inbreeding, hybridization, cloning or genetic engineering used at all? A combination of those techniques?

Modern pigs have been selectively bred for fast growth which can lead to lameness. The pigs are unable to support their own rapid weight gain. Around 15% of pigs are estimated to suffer from lameness but this may be higher in some herds. Mothering pigs have the added problem of coping with rapidly growing suckling piglets. This can cause the sow to lose bodyweight and bone tissue leading to hip or spinal bone fractures. Genetic engineering is mainly used in chickens but scientist say it works for pigs too.
Describe the characteristics of your species that are desirable?

One characteristic that is desirable is the long snout or nose. It is made up of a hard cartilage plate to help sniff things, open things, and move things. Another characteristic that is desirable is the pigs skin the skin is used to make lots of things. Another one is its belly or meat to make crazy good food.
Describe your species?
The scientific name for the Pig is genius sus or intelligent boar. The pig is a family member to the Eurasian or African Boar is the father, sow or the mother, pigs are the babies and swine is the whole entire family.Pigs are mainly used for food the are made of pork an edible meat.

Why is it important to society?

As you can see pigs are very important to our everyday society. we use them for lots of things.

Selectively Bred Pigs

What are the positives or advantages to the selectively bred species? Why is your
species better than one that is not selectively bred?

An advantage of selective breeding is that producers can produce pigs with characteristics that improve the breed or the herd itself, or produce more income for the producer when pigs are sold. Selective breeding means herd improvement, on things such as milking ability, mothering ability, carcass quality, forage utilization efficiency, stayability, birth weights, weaning weights, etc and they taste better.

What are disadvantages to the species? Does the selectively bred species interfere with natural processes?

The disadvantages include a loss of genetic variety and possible difficulties and discomfort in the animals' lives.

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