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IB H1 Psychology Conformity Presentation

Rachel Bato

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Conformity

Conformity the tendency to adjust one’s
thoughts, feelings or behaviour
in ways that are in agreement with
those of a particular individual or group with accepted standards about how a person should behave in specific
situations (social norms) that occurs in
all levels of society con·form·i·ty + group size
+ unanimity
+ anonymity
+ self esteem
+ confidence Factors of Conformity Confidence Group Size Anonymity Self Esteem Unanimity
n. pl. non·con·form·i·ties
1. Refusal or failure to conform to accepted standards, conventions, rules, or laws. non·con·form·i·ty Other people are not better off or more fortunate than me 
I accept myself as I am and am happy with myself
I enjoy socializing
I deserve love and respect
I feel valued and needed
I don't need others to tell me I have done a good job
Being myself is important
I make friends easily I can accept criticism without feeling put down
I admit my mistakes openly
I never hide my true feelings
I always speak up for myself and put my views across
I am a happy, carefree person
I don't worry what others think of my views
I don't need others' approval to feel good
I don't feel guilty about doing or saying what I want What are you like? RESULTS for each true answer you give you get one point. 15 - 16 12 - 14 8 - 11 Below 8 You have a high level of self esteem. Low self esteem is holding you back. Your esteem is drastically low. Not bad but room for improvement. Otherwise known as consensus gentium, it refers to universal agreement. However, as soon as one person breeches this accord, others are less likely to conform as well. Conforming can be confidenced based. What is confidence? The more certain we are, or the more expert we are in a particular area the more likely we are to stick to our guns and not conform to group pressure.

(Ex. Men who feel comfortable naming tools would be more prepared NOT to conform when others mis-identify them) thank you ! Individuals conform because they are concerned about what other people think of them (i.e. normative influence) How people think of themselves. How you think of yourself. Observed that the group of three or four people was very effective in changing the attitude. There is the impression of deception though when it increased in size.

However as the group size increases, chances of conformity can increase as well.

The extent to which individuals are independent to each other has an effec too. If every individual is considered as a single entity, then they are more effective as a group. (E.g. if people from diverse academic background are voicing the same opinion, they are more convincing.)
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