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Which is faster cheetah or jaguar

No description

Neysha Olan

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Which is faster cheetah or jaguar

Science Project
By;Neysha Olan


Cheetahs are famous for being the fastest short-distance runners. They can accelerate from a walking speed to about 40 mph in less than 2 seconds. Their top speed is an amazing 70 mph . They can leap 23 feet in a single stride. This is about few times the length of a cheetah's body. The cat can keep up its highest-speed pursuit for two or three football fields, or 220 to 330 yards (200 to 300 m).Jaguars really aren't that fast and like most other big cats can run about 30 miles per hour. Cheetahs are the fast cats with short bursts of speed being clocked at 70 mph.

A jaguar is a very large cat. It can run in excess of 64 miles per hour or 103 KM over short distances. Usually the cat will be running to catch prey or to escape a larger threat.
capable of being drawn back or in,as the head of a tortoise;exhibiting the power of retraction.
Transversal-Geometry . a line intersecting two or more lines.
I think that the Cheetah was the fastest!
My Hyphotesis was Right.Cheetah is the fastest.
Cheetah and Jaguer!
I think that the Cheetah looks better than
the Jaguer,because I love its spots!!!
Which is faster Cheetah or Jaguar?
Hope you like it, especially Ms.Willson!
1. I went to youtube and looked up some videos about cheetahs and jaguers.
2.Then I looked up imformation for my solution
3. Then I look up a picture
I Don't know how fast
they Run?
Can a cheetah run faster than
a car?
Hope you like it!!
Results:that the cheetah is faster
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