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Fitness Components of Netball

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Jessica Bourke

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Fitness Components of Netball

Fitness Components of Speed is not always expressed in straight lines- not just driving forward.
Netball involves many changes in pace (acceleration and deceleration) and direction- which is agility! Coordination is needed from the first to the last second in a netball match. Especially when:
This is called NETBALL when considering fitness components of netball, the player positions effect the importance of the components! AUS VS ENG Hand Eye Coordination Flexibility Flexibility is needed to stay injury free during the netball season.
Flexibility is also required to reach
for the ball- in the legs and arms. Local Muscular Endurance Aerobic Endurance LME Susan Fuhrmann Sharelle McMahon Muscular Power "The ability of a muscular group to apply strength quickly. Combination of muscular speed and power." Upper Body Upper body muscular power is needed when:
Chest pass- (the "fire arm" needs power.)
Shooting- (both arms need power.) Lower Body Lower body muscular power is needed when:
Shooting or jumping for rebounds. (Using legs to accelerate quickly vertically.)
Accelerating quickly away from your opponent- using hips. AUS vs NZ Speed & Agility Coordination All players use muscular power, but especially those who are in the goaling third. (Ex. GA, GD, GK, GS.) Catherine Cox (GS, GA- Aus Diamonds) is a great example of someone who uses muscular power and strength. When she rebounds and shoots, she becomes on of the most "dangerous goal shooters in the world." Catherine Cox "Speed is the ability to move quickly across the ground or move limbs rapidly to grab or throw." Agility is "the ability to perform a series of explosive power movements in rapid succession in opposing directions." speed and agility are yet again needed for all positions, but especially those mid-court. (Ex. C, WA, WD...) Natalie von Bertouch (C,WA,WD- Aus Diamonds) is a amazing mid court player who uses explosive speed and agility. She is a dynamic mid court player with offensive and defensive skills. Natalie von Bertouch Coordination is "the ability to integrate the fitness components so that effective movements are achieved." In netball, this includes hand eye coordination. Coordination and flexibility does not apply to certain types of netball players. Aerobic Capacity Aerobic endurance is "The ability to continue aerobic activity over a period of time." In netball you have to be able to exercise for a long period of time without becoming tired.
-This is aerobic endurance.-
A netball game can last for a prolonged period of time- the body uses the aerobic energy system to produce energy. Local Muscular endurance is "the ability of a muscle or group of muscles to sustain repeated contractions against a resistance for an extended period of time." LME in netball is very important.
In Netball you would need to have good muscular endurance in your leg muscles so that you would not become tired after running up and down the court for the duration of the Netball game. Stamina is required to endure these matches. Balance Balance is needed in most aspects of netball.
When shooting, defending, catching or throwing the ball, it is important to be balanced to prevent stepping or obstruction. AUS VS ENG Balance is "the ability of the body to remain in a state of equilibrium while performing a desired task. Flexibility is the "range of motion possible at a specific joint." Brainstorm!

- Muscular Power- Midcourt, Goals
- Speed and Agility- Midcourt
- Coordination- All positions
- Flexibility- to stay injury free.
- Balance- all positions
- Aerobic Endurance and Local Muscular Endurance- All players Table- Fitness Components
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