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No description

Anika Ellis

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of NEW FUTURE CARS

The New Rides by: Anika Ellis The Eco-Hover Fire Kina The types of people that I will to sell my product to would be anyone who has a license and is looking for a up to date vehicle. I would have a special factory to produce my car. The factory will have state of the art equipment, safety gear, and well educated workers who know what I expected,and the product will be shipped to the dealership building . $10,000 - $20,000 to start for the business
around $20,000 to build the product
Workers will be paid $15.50 dollars an hour
Product will cost around $2,000 I would have a numerous number of employees. Somewhere around 30 or 40 workers. Half of them will introduce customers and assist them to your work, and they rest will make the cars in the factory. This futuristic vehicle is what the world has been waiting for. The Kina is solar power and eco friendly. Not only does it run by sun in the day, but it hovers. NOT FLY, BUT HOVERS. Not even pot holes will ruin your smooth ride.It also has a verity of lights. A single command will activate the light you choose. So, that old excuse," I didn't see him coming", won't even cross your mind. BUT WHAT ABOUT AT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!! The Kina is so smart, it will save the energy it gained from the sun and use it up to 10 hours. SAY WAAAAAAAATTT!!! LOCATION IS RIGHT HERE-----> SOMEWHERE OFF HWY 80 I hope my business/product will make life easier,our community clean, and roads more safer. Not to mention an AWSOME CAR!!!! LOOKY!!! LOOKY!!!! and LOOK Thank You
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