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Copy of Enhanced Teacher Education Curriculum Anchored on OBE

No description

Jeffrey Robles

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Enhanced Teacher Education Curriculum Anchored on OBE

Enhanced Teacher Education
Curriculum Anchored on OBE

Teacher Education Curriculum
Anchored on OBE
 Multiliterate
 Reflective
 Master subject content
 Highly Skilled
 Sensitive to issue
 Multicultural
 Innovative
 Highly professional
 Lifelong learner
Content and pedagogy
Achieve the Outcomes
1. Course or Degree Contents
Illustrative Example of Probable Subjects in the Professional Teacher Education
For all future teachers in K-12
( elementary and secondary levels)
A. Foundation Courses

 Child and Adolescent Learners and Learning Principle
 The Teacher and Society
 The Teaching Profession
 School Culture and Organizational Leadership
 School-Community Linkages
 Foundations of Special and Inclusive Education
B. Pedagogical Content Knowledge Courses
• Facilitating Learner-Centered Teaching and Learning
• Assessment of Learning
• Technology for Teaching and Learning
• The Teacher and the School Curriculum
• Building and Enhancing Literacy Skills Across the Curriculum
• Content and Pedagogy of the Mother Tongue ( Elementary level only)
• Teaching the Major Field Subjects (Secondary level only)

C. Major Courses for the Secondary and Selected Subject Area Content for the Elementary

D. Experiential Learning Courses

 Field Study Courses ( Field observations)
 Practice Teaching
( Classroom Observation, Teaching Assistance, Full immersion)

2. Methods of Teaching and Teaching Delivery Modes
3. Assessment of Learning
Highly Skilled
means different things according to one's course goals and one's discipline. Two factors underscore the needs for more cultural teacher education.
-a mutliterate teacher understands many ways that technology interacts and interwines with academic ad interpersonal life.
-highly skilled teachers are on of the singe most important influence on student success.
She conceptualize teachng as complex and highly skilled activity.
Master subject content
Sensitive to issue
Highly professional
Lifelong Learner
The methods of tehing should be varied to address the different kind of learners
College learning shall assessed in similar manner as all other means of assessment
The end :)
Prepared by:
Reynalie dela Guerra :)
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