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wemmer deciduous

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of wemmer deciduous

temperature and rain fall the yearly average of rain fall
is :75-125 cm of water
the temperate is
summer: 28 degrees Celsius and in the winter-82 degrees Fahrenheit plants and animals that live here some of the animals that live here are bald eagles, american black bear, duck bill platypus and the fat dormouse and coyote
some of the plants that grow here are ferns, mosses, woody shrubs and trees how people effect my ecosystem people effect my ecosystem by cutting down trees witch causes the animals that live in the trees to move and find a new home and if the animal doesn't find a new home it'll die natural recourse and were deciduous forest are the natural recourse found in deciduous forests are water and plants these lands are mostly found in upper Russia and north America and Asia facts 1.woody shrubs catch light that filters through the trees
2.theres 5 different zones in a deciduous forest the tree stratum zone, sapling zone, shrub zone,herb zone, and ground zone. 3.they have lots of flowers
4. trees have extra thick layer of bark so animals cant kill it. deciduous forests
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