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The 5 Themes of Central Asia

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Liz Blinn

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of The 5 Themes of Central Asia

The End
Theme #1: History
- Historical "Crossroads" - pathway between empires
Theme #2: Culture
- Russian influence remains (language)
Theme #4: Economics
Theme #5: Population Movement
What examples of this THEME have we already talked about?
The 5 Themes of Central Asia
Chapters 19, Sections 1-3
Physical Features:
-diverse landscape
-mountains, grassland, desert
-scarce rainfall
-mountain rivers important
- 2 main climates
- arid/semiarid
-continental (cooler/wetter)
-Religion (Islam) spread by trade & conquest
- Trade routes caused growth & wealth (ex. The Silk Road)
The Steppe Empires
-1200s: The Mongols
-Horses: military advantage; fast
- 500s: The Huns
-1991- USSR collapses & the Central Asian region becomes independent
-1700-1800s: Russia VS Great Britain (Russia Wins)
- USSR divides & controls region
-control production
-unify schools; ban religion
- Very diverse (brought by trade routes)
Example: Tajiks in Tajikistan; have Iranian roots
- Islam= Main religion (from Arab traders)
- Many languages unique to region
Culture Continued...
-After USSR:
-preserve tradition
-Akyn (storytellers)
-cultural freedom
-western influence
Theme #3: Human-Environment Interaction
-Land Uses
- farming
-herding livestock
-mining (copper/gold/oil)
-Water is scarce
-damming rivers (caused riots)
-hydroelectric power
- cooperation is key
Environmental Challenges
-it used resources poorly
- overuse of water (Aral Sea)
- pollution (fishing industry)
-Still recovering from USSR
Share some ideas with you neighbor!
- Equal Rights
-ex. Uzbeks & Tajiks
-Oil pipelines
- run to Russia & China
Money makers-
-Trade (Historically & NOW)
-Natural resources
-repressive--> definition: opposed to freedom
-election fraud
-uneven resource distribution
-lack of jobs
-corrupt governments (stealing $)
- Huge Empire
-Atilla the Hun
Even invaded Roman Empire

Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Gengis Khan
Kazakhstan Parade
An Akyn
Nryn Mosque, Kyrgyzstan
Aral Sea
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