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No description

Gilbert Dee

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of COMPANIES

Drawing strength from our rich history(DEE HISTORY!!!!!), becoming the best, innovative financial services institution, partnering with our customers, employees, and shareholders in wealth creation
leading provider of quality services consistently delivering to different businesses locally and internationally
primary catalyst in the creation of wealth for our customers who are driven by a desire to help them succeed, through a highly motivated team of competent and empowered professionals
maintain the highest ethical standards, sense of responsibility, and fairness with respect to our customers, employees, shareholders, and the communities we serve.
forefront of the leasing and financing industry in the Philippines and in the Asia Pacific Region.
shall be composed of highly trained, technically competent, and upright professionals working as a team and contributing to the growth of the nation and the communities we serve.
deliver creatively innovative products and cross-sell the BDO Unibank Group's Services supported by procedures, systems, and processes which will ensure utmost customer satisfaction;
recognize and reward excellence in our employees and provide an environment conducive to maximizing their potentials as we work cohesively as a team
maintain a prestigious and professional corporate image and shall actively fulfill our social responsibility
Profit satisfycing
China bank is one of the oldest banks in the Philippines(93 years) and is known to be a conservative bank
Conservatism limits their lending and spending of the business but it doesn't stop them from achieving profit maximization.
many new and strong banks have been rising lately and have been satisfying customers
However, china bank has been sustaining its quality service and fulfilling its duties
Despite the growing competition amongst the banks of the Phil, china bank enough capital and profits from loans to expand
China bank earned an increased profit of 15%

Profit maximization
BDO is a more aggressive company
therefore, they will give out loans and earn more profit compared to china bank
they persuade business owners and entrepreneurs to take risks towards the business
Increase market share
Market share is to determine the status of the company against other competitors
the marketing mix of BDO has been more successful than other businesses (product, price, place and promotion)
Tactical or Operational Objectives
co-ordination- to promote teamwork, avoid confusion and lessen the disagreements
consistency- to provide equal and consistent services and to have constant strategic objectives
perseverance- to hire workers who take their jobs seriously for the benefit of the customers. They are committed in achieving the goal of the business
new and better products and services- to generate merchandises that would satisfy the customer because this is to keep up with the consumer demand
Marketing products- this involves advertisement, market research and special promotions to allow the customers to take interest in the product.
Learning from a job experience, china bank has a more suitable mission and vision
devoted employees
realistic objectives
company loyalty
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