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No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 16 June 2017

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Transcript of INFINITY

Do we use infinity in our everyday lives?
We do not use or see infinity in our everyday lives. For most people it is just an idea of something going on for ever.
How do different people picture infinity?
Andy Albrecht , a cosmologist from university of California ,pictures infinity with a bunch of mirrors reflecting off each other.
English Mathematician John Wallis came up with the idea in 1657, he also came up with infinity symbol.
Is there any number bigger than infinity?
There is no number that is bigger than infinity.
What is Infinity?
Infinity is the idea of something that has no end.
Does it ever end?
No,infinity keeps on going and going,it is
Infinity is not a number it is a meaning less expression. It can refer to anything anyone wants it to be.
math is fun.com
the science explorer.com
math central
science blog.com

By Jade and Ingrid
Who Came up with it?
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