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Annie Leibovitz


Brianna Corbitt

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz Angelina Jolie Demi Moore Whoppi Goldberg Nicole Kidman Yoko Ono & John Lennon In this photograph Annie Leibovitz captures a portrait of the beautiful young actress Angelina Jolie while nude in the bathtub. Leibovitz states that Jolie "felt like she was coming back from having a baby and she felt very sexy and ready to go." I think this pciture displays the relaxed side of Angelina...the very confident side. In this photograph, Yoko Ono is on the floor fully clothed being kissed by her nude husband John Lennon. This picture was taken of John Lennon five hours before he was killed. I think this picture was there to express the differences of their personalities. Yoko having the timid personality, while Lennon was the spontaneous one. Demi Moore is photographed while she was pregnant which shows how comfortable she is even with her body and in her own skin. She is still beautiful with a much larger stomach because true beauty lies within and she definitely is a different representation of pregnant women who usually lose confidence for that nine months. This photograph of Whoppi Goldberg submerged in a bath tub of milk, expresses her crazy side. She has a funny expression on her face and her body position is really playful. Nicole Kidman This picture of Nicole Kidman shows a real elegant side of her personality. Annie Leibovitz captures this photograph perfectly, the fact that she's captured alone in the spotlight--it shows pride...maybe a little arrogance. The gown expresses royalty as if she's a goddess.
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