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Online Tools and Resources to Energize Your Trainings

Presentation by Steven Byers and Ginny Younge on various online and free tools to enhance trainings

Steven Byers

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Online Tools and Resources to Energize Your Trainings

Online Tools and Resources
to Energize Your Trainings Objectives Identify several free online tools and resources that can be used to make your trainings more effective, interactive and informative

Explore best practices for webinars Time to ask you a couple of questions... Part One:
Free, or close to free
Online Tools and
Resources TRAINING PREPARATION http://www.presentationzen.com

Informational website that provides;
techniques, motivation and examples http://www.sliderocket.com

Online alternative to PowerPoint
with Flickr image integration http://www.thefreesite.com

Free graphics portal for many copy-
right and free to use images http://www.brainbetty.com

Website designed for various
items to use in and with PowerPoint http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/

Avidemux- a downloadable program
with easy to use interface to cut and
edit video http://www.google.com

Google continues to be the
fastest and most complete
search engine On-the-spot training tools http://www.teachertube.com

Usage-free videos and instructionals
with an educational basis http://www.wordle.net

Website with free program
to make brainstorming and
thought-cloud images http://www.xmind.net

Open source software for
mind-mapping and brainstorming


Downloadable program to identify
color and color-code for anything you
place your cursor on http://www.colorschemer.com/online.html

Design website that assists in making
a color scheme that goes together from
a single chosen color Training Follow Up http://www.jogtheweb.com

Organizer and presentation tool for multiple websites
Easy to share with group after the presentation http://www.surveymonkey.com

Online survey and evaluation tool can be used in trainings
and also after to determine effectiveness of presentation and
follow-up http://www.google.com/docs

Google docs allows anyone with an account to
create, store and share documents online
This includes quick and easy survey forms and
results Webinars Thank you for attending,
we hope to hear from you soon! Before the Webinar Determine the goals of your webinar
Get the right people to attend
Choose your technology
Select your speaker
Moderator and support person
Appropriate time
Follow up - confirmation emails
Practice, practice, practice Conducting the Webinar Join early
Interact with audience
Move around
Don't be monotone
Emphasize main points
Leave time for Q & A
Use polls
Limit to one hour, if possible
After the Webinar Collect feedback
Archive for playback
Follow up
Use feedback to change webinar practices Webinar Tips Plan out a precise schedule
Proofread and test everything twice
Troubleshoot before the webinar begins
Reminders are the key to increased attendance
Create a welcome slide
Start and end on time
Make it interesting
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