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fire god

eric virrueta

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of hephatus

Hephatus The fire god symbols ,hammer,ax and other tong tools Assosiated whith vulcan becaue they share many cahrateristics. Born disabeld and Hera through him into sea cause of that.
rescued by two godesses and raised .tought how to make jewlrey out of shells,coral. Cause of his work he was allowed to return to mount olypus to make wpeons,armor,jewelry and eve lighning/thunder for zeus. In his honor people in greek celebrate for protection from fire disasters they throw fish heads in fire!!wow!! God of Technology ,craftsman,artsians,sculptures,metals,metallurgy,fire,volcanoes. Ephites
'The lame one'
'The halting'
'renowned artificer'
'shrewed crafty' or many devices.
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