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daniel vang

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Engineering

Daniel Vang
Period 2
Engineering Career Paths -they manufacture electrical equipments, test designs, and supervise
-4 years of colleges for Bachelor
-pass FE (fundamentals exam)
-Bachelor degree $55,254-102,106
- Master degree $60,595- $111,589
- Doctorate degree $76,726- $125,677 Chemical Engineering Aerospace Engineering -design, develop, test, and supervise
-military, aircraft, helicopter, spacecraft, and missiles
-Determine if projects will result in safe aircraft and parts
- new technologies for aviation, defense systems, and spacecraft - test, supervise, and designs
-combine chemistry and engineering
- Bachelor $59,625- $81,189
-Master $62,841- $99,083
-Doctorate is $68,899-
$103,693 Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering -design, develop, test, manufacture machine
- Bachelor $53,318- $80,064
-Master $80,131- $96,950
-Doctorate $80,675- $100,704 Aerospace engineering Interesting Facts What does Aerospace Engineering do?
What field makes military weapons?
Which field combines chemistry and engineering? Sources -http://education-portal.com/articles/Average_Tuition_Costs_for_Engineering_Graduate_School.html







http://www.studentscholarships.org/professions/527/employed/aerospace_engineers.php Salaries for Aerospace Engineering -Bachelor $55,477- $72,327
-Master $68,207- $99,296
-Doctorate $74,152- $101,725

Best colleges for Aerospace
-Stanford University
-Massachusetts Institute of Technology
-Georgia Institute of Technology Salaries for Electrical Engineering

-Bachelor degree $55,254-102,106
- Master degree $60,595- $111,589
- Doctorate degree $76,726- $125,677

Best colleges for Electrical Engineering
-Massachusetts Institute of Technology
-Stanford University
-University of California, Berkeley (UCB) Salaries for Chemical Engineering

- Bachelor $59,625- $81,189
-Master $62,841- $99,083
-Doctorate is $68,899-
Best colleges for Chemical
-Massachusetts Institute of Technology
-Stanford University
-University of California, Berkeley (UCB) Salaries for Mechanical Engineering

- Bachelor $53,318- $80,064
-Master $80,131- $96,950
-Doctorate $80,675- $100,704

Best Colleges for Mechanical Engineering

-Stanford University
-Massachusetts Institute of Technology -California Institute of Technology
-University of California Berkeley Aerospace Requirements -some aerospace worker need a U.S citizen ship and a clearance to work at a nation defense systems
-a 5 year program for both Bachelor and Master
-pass FE (fundamentals exam)
-well scored SAT score -there are about 90,000 employed
-Aeronautical engineers work with aircraft that goes in the earth atmosphere
-Astronautical engineers works with aircraft that are out of earth atmosphere
-spend their time on designing aircraft
-make missiles that defend other incoming missiles call Missiles Defense Systems I chose this topic because i like stuff that goes "BOOM!!!!!"
This topic interests me because it can make us discover new way for transportation to new places.
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