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Ideas Lab

No description

Manuel Sornoza Obregon

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Ideas Lab

Main Idea
Larry is a 27 years old engineer who is a reliable, hardworking and shy person. He is having a rough time at his current job and is not sure about his professional future, therefore he needs to define his path career.
Get an expert coach advisory
Begin a start up

Open a consulting company

Ask for a partial time job

Work as a freelance teacher

Study a technical career
Become a researcher
Transfer to other area
Search a Mentor
Take entrepreneur courses

New Job Path

Ask his boss to work on a new project
Talk to his boss about his professional expectation
Make your boss fired
Join with colleagues to demand carrier plan to Human Resource
Get your boss coached
Assist to head board meeting
Buy the company
Make internship in all areas
Request for in-house management skill courses
Make the company pay you a MBA
Propose redesign the facilities into a creative environment
Hire an assistant
Have flexible hours
Jump from one project to another, not have a specific position
Make home working with your current job
Propose yoga classes at work
Propose saving project to the company
Give some gifts to his boss

Get recommendation from old employers
Ask your network to advice about job offers
Redesign his CV
Register in a professional media network
Send your CV to recruit agency
Leave his current job to make a full time searching job
Broaden your network with old acquaintances

Get an upper education degree
Take free online courses of management trends
Get into professional forums
Get a specialization degree
Learn foreign language
Register in negotiation courses
Get a foreign postgraduate accreditation
Go to theater class to improve skill communications
Go to psychologist

Travel abroad
Get into Art School
Write a book
Get into project of social responsibility
Ask for non payment vacation

Job Seeker

Not Work Yet
Acreditation & Skills
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