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Our Group is presenting on The Coke Zero

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Richard Cullen

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of Our Group is presenting on The Coke Zero

Dublin Bikes
Share Scheme

Our Group is presenting on The Coke Zero
Dublin bikes Scheme
Our Group is made up of
Richy Cullen
Joumana Alboqub
Mark Murphy and
Daragh Forde

Pros and cons
of the scheme
These are our topics!
Firstly, The scheme,launched in 2009, is sponsored by Coco Cola and has 100 bike stations and 1500 bikes.

It operates 7 days a week from 5 am to 12:30
at night.

Now off to the topics
Economic Effect
It only costs 20 Euro for a yearly membership,

Or 5 euro for a 3 day membership!
Very inexpensive!
Economic Effect
If you're on the bike longer than half an hour,

you have to pay extra charges of 50cent to one euro per hour after.

This encourages shorter journeys meaning more available bikes.
Economic Effect
Connecting a debit card to your account ensures that the users do not abuse the scheme
Economic Effect
In the first five years of the scheme, a bike had been rented nearly 8 million times, and it is now more than 10 million.
Environmental Effect
The bicycle is considered the most energy-efficient vehicle, measured even more efficient than walking.
Environmental Effect
Environmental Effect
Bike Sharing schemes like this, and the one implemented in Paris, reduce rush hour traffic.
Environmental Effect
40% of trips in urban areas are 3 kilometers or less. Replace these cars with bikes and it greatly reduced congestion and pollution.
Pros and cons
of the scheme
You always have a parking space

Faster than walking!

And less pollution
You're more vulnerable to weather related accidents

You can not pay by cash, you must connect a credit or debit card to your account

In 2015, The bike sharing scheme was shortlisted for engineering project of the year!
Award 2
Listening !!
The Scheme is a solution that emits minimal c02 emissions,

and reduces our dependance on fossil fuels.
Economic Effect
The scheme won "Best Green Contribution to Dublin Life" at the inaugural Dublin Living Awards.
Great for exercise and low cost.

You can maneuver around traffic
in 2010, the scheme recieved the Green award at Hanley Festivsal in Croke Park.
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