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Science Pre-AP: Period 4 Sci-Fi Book Report

Isra Abdulwadood

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Ashfall

A Sci-Fi Book Report Ashfall All About Ashfall Dream Cast Quote: Sources Characters: Alex By Mike Mullin About the Author: Mike had an assortment of odd jobs since high school (one that included eating live termites) but he always found himself thinking about the times in grade school when he was given a dime for each unusual word he used. After graduating from Indiana University with a Masters in Business Administration, he tried working in a brand management for Pamper's diapers then tried to launch his own remodeling company. Since all of these didn't go as planed, he tried his luck as a writer and, so far, it's working! He currently lives in Indianapolis with his wife and 3 cats. Fun Fact: He holds a black belt in Songahm Taekwondo Other books by Mullin: Ashen Winter (Ashfall #2) Sunrise (Ashfall #3) - Spring 2014 Awards For Ashfall: - Nominee for reading awards in Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New York, and New Jersey.
- 10 Teen Reads You Can't Miss, Entertainment Weekly
- Center for the Book, Best Children/YA Books of Indiana 2011 Winner.
- International Reading Association, 2012 Young Adults' Choices list - National Public Radio, 2011's Top 5 YA Novels,
- Kirkus Reviews, Best Teen Books of 2011
- Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review
- 2011 New Voices Selection, American Booksellers Association.
- 2011 ABC Best Books for Children Catalog Selection
- Gold Star Award, TeensReadToo.com
- Top Choice Award, Flamingnet.com Written in 2011 Setting:
Post-Apocolyptic Iowa and Illinois Alex Halprin: Protagonist
Average freshman, slightly geeky (obsessed with WoW), taekwondo black belt, street smart, 15-16 years old, and brown hair. Darla Edmunds:
Farm girl, father died so she looks after the farm with her mum, rough and tough, super interested in engineering, 18, blonde, toned with a farmer’s tan Halprin Family: Mom, Dad, and Rebecca

- Mom: Always arguing with Alex but she’s only trying to do what’s best; he ends up missing her more than the other’s when they are separated.
- Dad: Unresponsive, sort of detached guy, who changes a lot after the storm hits, resolves to go look for Alex after dropping off Rebecca.
- Rebecca: 14 year old sister who is super bubbly and talks all the time, she also changes drastically after the storm, keeping quiet more often and communicating with as few words as possible. Gloria Edmunds: (Darla's Mum)
Blonde, slightly built, toned, farmer’s tan, religious, generous, and hardworking.
She was later raped and murdered by Target’s* band of prison escapees. Target: (One of the Antagonists)
one of the many who broke out of jail after the storm hit (probably went to prison because of murdering), larger than average (6’ 10”), heavily muscled/built, has a target tattoo on the back of his head (shaves head with a hand ax to let other's see it), leader of a group of bandits Darren and Joe:
Couple who are the Halprin’s neighbors; they take care of Alex in the beginning Uncle Paul and Family: (Aunt Caroline, Max, and Anna) Relationships: Alex and Darla:
They develop a close relationship due to having to stick together to survive. Gloria and Darla:
They balanced each other out (Darla was the fiery one while her mother was calm and collected), very close since they had to work together to tend their farm after Gloria's husband died. Darla is devastated after her mum's death. Gloria and Alex:
Gloria saves Alex’s life after he falls down unconscious at the door to her barn; she treats him like her own son. Alex and Target:
when Alex refuses to join his group of ragtag prison escapees who would probably pillage towns, Target marks him as a sworn enemy and embeds his hand ax in Alex’s side who, in return, stabs his right eye rendering him blind. So, basically, a true friendship, right? Alex's whole world changes after the Yellowstone volcano erupts. Ash covers northern USA, hindering all types of travel. Regardless, Alex sets out to find his family who left for his uncle's farm, seeing the world with a whole new perspective. He meets Darla, a fierce farm girl, and they both trek across frozen terrain and thug inhabited towns. Will they reach civilization, or will they die of hunger and thirst? Genre:
Volcanoes -- Fiction
Survival -- Fiction
Science Fiction Target Audience: Teenagers (14+) - http://www.ashfallbook.com/
- http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/9644151-ashfall- http://www.imdb.com Scenes from Books (All scenes are Post-Apocolyptic) Cedar Falls, Iowa FEMA Camp Edmund Farm “For the first time ever, I felt ashamed of my species. The volcano had taken our homes, our food, our automobiles, and our airplanes, but it hadn't taken our humanity. No, we'd given that up on our own.” Darla Gloria Rebecca Uncle Paul Aunt Caroline Darren and Joe Target Logan Lerman Saoirse Ronan Jude Law James Frecheville Javier Bardem Nicole Kidman Jeffrey Dean Morgan Ryan Newman Lena Headey Recommendation?
I would recommend this book because it’s very thought inducing. It really makes a person (especially “city kids”) understand that their whole realities can change in an instant. It also makes us rethink all of our wasteful actions; the water you let run while brushing your teeth could’ve kept you alive for a whole day, maybe two. Recommendation to Whom?
Teenagers (14+)
Some content may be too violent for younger children, this is basically surviving during an apocolypse, not Disney. Favorite Character(s):
My favorite character would probably have to be Joe, Darren's husband. He took Alex in when his house caught on fire and didn't expect any payment. He also kept calm and believed that the community should bind together in times of need (of course, right after, he was hit in the head with a baseball bat wielding thug who wanted their electronics, but it's the thought that counts, right?). Least Favorite Character(s):
I really like all the characters, but to be honest, I sort of hated Target with a passion. He was your typical criminal who was out for blood at all times. I mean, shouldn't you be looking for shelter, not sticking your hand ax into a teenager's ribs because he refuses to join your club? He obviously wasn't burdened with an over abundance of education.
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