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Mattel Overcomes Global Marketing and Manufacturing Challenges


Saifullatif Jaaparsidek

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Mattel Overcomes Global Marketing and Manufacturing Challenges

Presented by,

Ahmad Fadzil Bin Jinlapuddin
Saiful Latif Bin Jaapar Sidek
Muhammad Nor Farid Tan
Siti Dalila Bt Sulaiman
Nurfarhana Bt Maarof
Mardina Narhamdan company background Company Background Mattel was found in 1945 by Ruth and Elliot Handler and Matt Matson.

Mattel Inc is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of family products.

Mattel mission is to make a difference in the global community by effectively serving children in need.

Mattel vision is they intend to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children in need around the world. Core Products take 5 ! Issues and Strategies competition manufacturing & business practices privacy concern Mattel's Foundation competition Barbie's
Popularity Slip copyright Manufacturing and Business Practices Product Recall Expectation of
Mattel Business Practices Ethical Business Practise product recall Expectation of Mattel Business Practices Ethical Business Practices Ethical Business Practices lead point on toys magnet in toys contractors found to be in violation of Mattels safety and human right standards.
have high safety and quality standard
must respect the intellectual property of Mattel privacy concern

communication with the parents. Mattel's Foundation around the world, more than 4000 employees supported local special Olympics activities of a member of Team Mattel QUESTION 1 Do manufacturers of children’s products have special obligations to consumers and society?
If so, what are these responsibilities? QUESTION 2

Comment on the strengths and weaknesses of Mattel’s core brands. In looking at Barbie specifically, what actions would you recommend to stem Barbie’s sales decline? Should Mattel accept the fact that the brand will never regain its former sales status? Explain. Yes!
Manufacturers of children’s
products did have a special
obligation not to mislead the
consumer and society.
The responsibilities that being performed by Mattel is:
Responsibilities to the society

committed to protecting their customer’s online privacy when visiting Mattel website
responsible for product safety quality, protecting the environment, customs, evaluation and monitoring, and compliance
Responsibilities to the children sensitive to social concern about children’s rights
Not collect and keep any information online from visitors or consumers under 13 years old
Mattel was not using any child labour

Built Mattel Children’s Foundation:to promotes philanthropy and community involvement among its employees

QUESTION 1 Strenght of
Mattel Core Product Brand Recognition Expanding product variety
and product line
Product Development Manage to control
the competitor Increase
Brand Awareness Trusted Brand 3D doll named Barbie, featured with fashions and accessories
Barbie’s popularity has broken stereotypes
Wildly popular with 7 to 12 years old girls
The dolls have a wholesome and educational image
Well known brand more than 40 years
Two Hot Wheels cars are sold every second of every day
& PRODUCT LINE # Different characters as teenage
fashion model and various professions
# Extended Barbie’s product line

Producing a well-known line products
Includes high-end collectibles
Develops character-based toys

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT introduces the new line of
My Scene dolls

trendier, young looking
and more hip for girl
innovative learning toys
and award-winning
MANAGE TO CONTROL THE COMPETITORS Mattel has managed to gain some control over Barbie’s toughest competitor - Bratz
Mattel also gained some profits on the Bratz dolls sales
INREASE BRAND AWARENESS Opening American Girl Place shops in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, and Minneapolis
TRUSTED BRAND brand is trusted by parents around the world

Awarded the “Best Toy of 2008” by both Parents Magazine and Family Fun Magazine
CORE PRODUCTS Being embroiled in a intellectual property
Issues on product safety
Bad product award
SALES DECLINE Updating on the technology market: Android and Iphone
Held an event which involves children’s and Barbie’s lover: world wide concert or fashion show
Invest more on research and development: children's lifestyles
3. To what extent was Mattel responsible for issues related to its production of
toys in China?
How might Mattel have avoided these issues? Should Mattel accept the fact that the brand will never regain its former sales status? Mattel should not accept the fact that the brand will never regain its former sales status
There are many opportunities in the future
Mattel can identify their weaknesses earlier than new comers
There are a lot of improvements that can be made in future
4. What opportunities and threats does
Mattel face as it looks towards its future? The system requires all paint to be tested before the manufacturing process begins
Mattel Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Robert A. Eckert, described Mattel’s new
“three-point check system” The company
established a
consumer call
to the recalls
Eckert also
a new

organization How Mattel avoided this issues ? Mattel Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Robert A. Eckert expressed Mattel's emphasis on family when he spoke to parents from his perspective as a father.

At first, Mattel blame Chinese subcontractor.

Then, Mattel sent Thomas A. Debrowski, Mattel's executive vice president for worldwide operations, to personally apologize to China's product safety chief, Li Changjang.
Rate at which children are growing up and leaving toys.
The role of the technology in consumers products.
Purchasing power and consumers needs in global markets.
value added innovation Mattel should improve the product followed the trend
Adding some function to their product
Focussed on other segmentation
Encourgae production to be more serious about the toys.
Use better quality of paint on the factory
Manager should test the product always
Safety first on children especially
safety To avoid the late shipping from China
To meet the demand of customer within time given
Avoid complain from customer that’s are loyalty.
Increase sales because they are available product to be sell
warehouse Adding more retailers to distribute the product-Wal-Mart
Choose a selective agent to distribute more widely
distributor Give discount frequently to attract new customer
Always advertising on Television
Give a free voucher on selecting product
Create awareness on Billboard.
promotion set up a team to monitor
outsources activities aggressive effort in
leading the industry expanding target market suprise the market with new big ideas THANK YOU, lead point on toys magnet in toys
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