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Finding Themes in Nonfiction Texts

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michele debye

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Finding Themes in Nonfiction Texts

How do you find themes in nonfiction texts?
Summarize to determine main ideas
Look at text features.
Ask questions*********
Make predictions about the kinds of things you expect to learn.
Using headings and signposts to understand the text.
Nonfiction Structure
-Text features (title, boldface type, headings, subheadings, graphic aids, captions) that help determine important from unimportant information.
-Text is organized around specific topics and main ideas.
-Texts that give you information that based on facts.

Fiction Structure
stories and novels: prose--that is, the usual paragraph structure--forming chapters

poetry: lines of varying length, forming stanzas

plays: spoken lines and stage directions, arranged in scenes and acts

Nonfiction vs. Fiction
Nonfiction: newspaper stories, editorials, personal accounts, journal articles, textbooks, legal documents

Fiction: poems, stories, plays, novels

Characteristics of a Good Question
1. Makes you ask more questions
2. Answers are in different chapters (connections)
3. Answers require details
4. Can have different opinions—backed by text
5. Makes you stop and think
6. Hard to answer
7. Makes you infer—read between the lines
8. Multiple answers
9. Makes you summarize important points in chapter
10. Connects story with something current/in your own life

Finding Themes in Nonfiction Texts
How do we read nonfiction?

-Read the title
-Look at graphics
-Find the main idea
-Determine text's organization chronological, compare and contrast, main idea, cause and effect
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