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Women Role during the 1940's

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Lucia Aguirre

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Women Role during the 1940's

Women Role during the 1940's

In 1945 Eleanor Roosevelt became a U.S delegate for the newly establish United Nations.

In 1941, psychologist and feminist Dr. William Moulton Marston was hired by the creators of DC Comics to create a feminine superhero. Wonder Woman made her debut in late 1941 bringing a new vision of femininity that incorporated strength, intelligence, patriotism and beauty with a dash of Greek mythology.

Like men, women would quit their jobs if they were unhappy with their pay, location, or environment. Unlike men, women suffered from the “double shift” of work and caring for the family and home.

The war was so big that in 1942 each branch of the service had its women’s auxiliary. Women replaced men as office workers, gunnery instructors and in other non-combat roles.

The recruitment of women into the labor force was largely opposed even during the labor shortage
The aviation industry became the first company to openly hire women
The first 60 women hired were widows of men that had died in pearl harbor
Richard Kaiser raised 4 shipyards in Richmond which employed over 90,000 workers, one third of which were women
The Richmond shipyards outperformed all other shipyards in the nation by producing 747 ships
The “Rosie the Riveter” and “Wendy the Welder” propaganda posters were modeled after the overall image of women that worked in shipyards
As production increased and more women rushed into the workforce companies began creating on-site daycares and health clinics
Recreational locations such as movie theaters and nightclubs remained open longer and later as a result of longer shifts and larger numbers of patrons
By the end of the 1940s womens were already set on the industry field

By Madeline Morales
By Geovanna Ramos
by Lucia Aguirre

By Anthony Fernandez
During the second World War, many men were drafted to go to war. With that being said, many women had to take over the jobs that were left opened. The number of employed women raised up to 18 million.
Women also became sport heroes. During the war, women created the All-American Girls Baseball League.1943-1954
Since the war was so big, that in 1942 The Women Army Corps and Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency service was created.
Women were also beginning to be accepted in the U.S Navy
Women at work
When the united states started to enter in WW2 companies at first did not see the need to hire women despite their might being a labor shortage
Working was never new to women, middle-class white women were placed at home and men at workplace due the cultural division of labor
WW2 tested the thought of everyone accepting the fact of letting women enter the workplace of men
The government launched a propaganda campaign in order to the sell the importance of war effort and lure women into working
Soon married women were needed to work, but this caused a concern if mothers we put to work there would be a rise in delinquency
Women wanted to be treated like the male workers and not just be given special these special consideration just because they were women
Social expectations

Women were to be expected to work hard in places such as domestic work and in a factory
Most women were already given duties at home to do chores, babysit, educate their kids, and take care of the house while their husbands were out working
For society in order for a women to be considered successful she should be able to educate and baby-sit her children
Expectations for these women to look feminine, beautiful, strong, and self-confident

Richard Kaiser
The Women’s Army Corps (WACs)
the Navy Women’s Reserve (WAVES)
The Coast Guard Women’s Reserve (SPARS)
The Marine Corps Women’s Reserve
The Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP)
English III Honors
Women Role in 1940S
Lucia Aguirre
Madeline Morales
Giovanna Ramos
Anthony Fernandez
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