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Interdisciplinary Start-ups

a presentation done for the Reykjavik University. 28th of april 2010.

Gunnar Holmsteinn

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Interdisciplinary Start-ups

Interdisciplinary Startups Reykjavik University @gunniho Gunnar Holmsteinn Talk A quick note about our startup How is it going #1 #2 Speed Expectations Team Fun 28th of april 02010 Software in market research #3 gunnar@clara.is 664.3730 "If I had asked people what they wanted, I would have built a faster horse.” Henry Ford Contact me! @gunniho gunnar@clara.is Gunnar Holmsteinn 664.3730 Mass Media TV Commercial
Radio Spot
Press Ad
Classified Ad
Transit Ad
User Generated Content Video Blog
Rich Media
Craigs List
1 From Mass Media 3 to a conversation From a message Have a seat. How do you feel about our product. to you 4 From asking to listening Trust:
14% Trust:
78% Passive One-way Mass-Marketing Message Active Conversation Narrowcasting Two-Way From the audience 2 to involvement. Personal Social Evangelist Create a profile
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