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OpenRice Marketing Plan2013

No description

Por Sarath

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of OpenRice Marketing Plan2013

Online Marketing Plan Target Target 10,000 Reviews/month
8,000 Members
PV 2,500,000
UV 800,000
Brand Building
Supporting Sale Department 1. SEO
2. Social Media
3. Banner Ad
4. OpenRice TV
5. Mobile Application Strengths 1. Strong Credibility based on Regional Success

2. Strong Data Acquisition Team – leading to strong data quantity and quality

3. Strong SEO

4. Strong Interaction on Social Media

5. Strong Campaigns generating more members and reviewers Opportunities 1. A Very large market still unexploited

2. Improving Content Layout & Design will attract more browsers

3. Increasing contents in other areas aside from dining will capture new markets and more browsers

4. Key Factor to Success is “Convenience”! Convenience both in “Simplicity of Usage” and in “Location of Usage” must be developed in order to meet the true needs of users.

5. Other methods of marketing must be planned and implemented. Online Marketing Alone will not be sufficient as competitors use both Online & Traditional Marketing. OPenRice.com TImeline Communication Plan Online Strategies Marjor Competitors Demographics 15-40 Years Old
Male 55 % Female 45% Consumer Behavior Simplicity in usage
Location of Usage Weaknesses: 1. Poor Content Layout

2. Doesn’t Cover Necessary Info

3. Very Poor Mobile App Threats 1. Low Budget in Marketing allows major competitors to be many steps ahead.

2. Poor Mobile App allows competitors to capture all mobile market. Development & Improvement must urgently take place before it’s too late.

3. Not meeting the needs of browsers such as providing necessary info such as place to hang-out or good place to travel to on a vacation; allows browsers to turn to other alternatives where information is more complete. SWOT 1. age 15-40
2. Male & Female living in the city with modern lifestyle and likes to dine outside Specific Targets 1. High School Students
2. College & University Students
3. Employees & Staff in large office towers
4. Businessmen & Entrepreneurs
5. Nightlife Workers6. Freelance Workers / Self Employed 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Campaign Mechanic - Hotel Restaurant Voucher
- Restaurant Voucher
- Gasoline Voucher
- Shopping Card Redemption Lucky Draw - Hotel Restaurant Voucher
- Gadgets
- Special Point Banner
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
OpenRice Party with IT Blogger Learning - Gadgets are not appropriate for our targets and members.
- Collecting review is difficult to achieve reward target.
- Tour Package is more interesting than air ticket only. EDM
Youtube/OpenRice TV
IT Website&Blog OpenRice Application EDM Current Situation - Stay Active Social Network
- Review Dropping.
- Reward Target is too high.
- Mini Campaign is not Attractive.
- Campaign Clutter.
- Poor Mobile Application download.
- Very poor Mobile Application.
- Poor Opened EDM/E-News - Campagin
- OR Application
- Theme/ Festival Make it more interesting by Designing and Content 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Team - Generate new reviews and members by intergrating the existing platforms & new projects.
- Lead More UV & PV
- More Attractive Contents
- Develop recipe(increase more contents, photos & VDO)
- Integrate communication ( online, social & offline )
- Brand building
- Member relationships
- Restaurant relationship
- Lead sales Strategy Traditional Marketing – Above The Line 1. Press Release
2. Special Featured Article
3. Radio Spot On Air Traditional Marketing – Above The Line Traditional Marketing – Below The Line 1. Events & Activities
2. RoadTrip visiting beautiful
restaurants @ a beautiful tourist
attraction. Campaign Theme Campaign I
Campaign II
Campaign III
Campaign IV Campaign I
Feb-April 2013 Summer with OpenRice Campaign II
May-July 2013 OpenRice DiscoverTreasure Planet Campaign III
Aug-Oct 2013 Openrice LOVE the Earth Campaign IV
Nov2013-Jan2014 Festival Season Strategy - Generate new reviews and members by intergrating the existing platforms & new projects.
- Lead More UV & PV
Data Base&Content
- More Attractive Contents
Celebrity Guide, Guest Blogger, Food Calendar
- Develop recipe
(increase more contents, photos & VDO)

- Integrate communication
( online, social & offline )

- Brand building
Ads, Offline
- Member relationships
Event, CRM
- Restaurant relationship

- Lead sales - Summer Food
- Seafood
- Tropical Food
- Family Dining - Fresh food
- Japanese Food
- Vietnamese Food
- Organic Food - Beer Garden
- Countdown Place
- Top building Restaurants
- Christmas
- OpenRIce is #1 Asia restaurant guide.
Wherever you are going, take OpenRice App with you. Key Messege VDO Promoting
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