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Why Use Prezi?

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Zak Keller

on 13 December 2010

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Transcript of Why Use Prezi?

CHOOSE In the business world... How often are you forced to sit down and view a PowerPoint Presentation ? In the past, people haven't had any other option when preparing some sort of visual aid to be used during an informational session. You may feel like these boring old powerpoints lack originality and fluidity. Linearity is one of the most difficult limitations posed by PowerPoint. How can you put down your ideas as they come to you when a single order of slides is your only option? What if you could choose the path of your show after all your thoughts are composed in front of you? Some sort of canvas where you're free to change your mind and make adjustments at the speed of thought? For many years now, Microsoft PowerPoint has been the default and sole way to make a slideshow and present in front of an audience. How often in other areas are you so limited in your options? Oh, and who doesn't like surprises? Have you ever felt like there is something wrong with this lack of selection? Come to think of it... Is PowerPoint really the ultimate tool in presenting? Does it have every capability you could ever ask for? Or is it simply all you know... Doesn't innovation ever prove to be useful in establishing new methods of doing things? Does a series of slides really do anything to show how your information is all really connected? What other things is PowerPoint missing? Not only does it not smell like Old Spice, YouTube videos and Flashplayer animations can't be used. LOTS OF THEM Prezi.com
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