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WHCA2013 - Nested logics of external interventions

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Yvan Guichaoua

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of WHCA2013 - Nested logics of external interventions

Nested logics of external interventions
Aid Packages to Fragile States
'Humanitarian' Wars
CT operations
Political Content
Definition: covers a wide range of heterogeneous features (inc. public services provision, political legitimacy, rule of law, security) --> See last week's lecture

Accountability: Relative standardisation of practices --> See Danny's lecture

Actors involved: bi- or multi-lateral agencies, state (as donors), non-state, INGOs

Philosophy: 'Liberal' intentions dominant
Definition: based on R2P
Jus a bellum: just cause, last resort, reasonable chance of success
Jus in bello: proportionality, discrimination
Jus post bellum: reparations, transitional justice

Acountability: military component opaque

Actors involved: mixed but military in the driving seat

Philosophy: officially well-intentioned but in practice? (cf. Libya)

Pretty straightforward if we talk of technology of warfare (IEDs, suicide attacks...)
But what if we adopt a sociological / political standpoint (IRA)?
Terrorism not very helpful as an analytical tool
But a powerful rhetorical device to disqualify opponents... and gain US support!

Accountability: secrecy (e.g. cost of Serval)

Actors involved: Army + special forces dominant

Philosophy: security-driven, strategic

Pitfalls of CT approaches - Mali
Pitfalls of CT approaches - Mali
The In-Khalil incident
Pitfalls of CT approaches - Mali
'Removing the bad guys' doesn't work
Dangerous endogenous logic of violence
Exactions likely
Political route needed
If you keep seeing in us what we are not, we will become what you want us to become
(Arab elder from Timbuktu, April 2013)
I'm not a secessionist but if I have to choose between my country and my family, I will choose my family
(Arab trader from Gao, April 2013)
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