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trees for su

No description

cees mackenzie vroege

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of trees for su

thank-you for watching
What are the benefits of trees.
trees can help the world in lots of different ways.

trees are the reason we are still on the earth.
trees provide oxygen.
trees clean the air.
trees cool the city and roads.
trees save water.
trees help prevent soil erosion
trees clean our streams.
what are trees good for
So common guys get planting
And you can be a TFS member
trees are a savior to the world
And this is not what we want.
the group of trees for survival are Ruby,Cees,Jade and Emma
we can make a difference starting with this stream
Trees are good for restoring the health of streams.
When the joiners become seniors
And this makes us happy
what we need to do for the trees
they need sun shine for growth
Trees can live to over 1000 years.
They are earths most greatest recourse.
And lots of water too.
made by
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