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Noah Sheidlower

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of rats

Rat Race
Ratatouille is a movie about a rat who wants to become a professional chef, and enlists the help of his new friend, Alfredo Linguini.
A "rat race" is a term to describe an unpleasant event in which people compete against each other, or a frustrating financial lifestyle. Despite the negative feel, it shows strength, courage, and risk-taking, three qualities of rats.
The Secret of NIMH is about a field mouse named Mrs. Brisby who seeks out a secret society of intelligent rats from NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) who help her move her home and children.
Famous People
by Robert Sullivan

This is a book full of fascinating facts about rats. It is about how rats survive and thrive on people's garbage, making use of anything that is there.
Video Games
Television shows
"Lab Rats" is a show on Disney XD about teenagers who had bionic chips implanted in them which gave them special abilities. Chase became very intelligent, Bree got super speed, and Adam is very strong. It uses humor to make a positive idea on the topic. In addition, rats have similar qualities.
Historical events
In the early 1900s, the Karni Mata Temple in India was completed. This temple believes that rats are sacred creatures and 20,000 rats roam around the temple.
The Chinese have believed for hundreds of years about the rat being ambitious, charming, and tenacious, part of the 12 animal cycle called the Chinese Zodiac. People used to make pottery of these Chinese Zodiac animals, like the rat from 618-907 A.D., though it is said that during the warring period, Chinese states had made pottery from 475-221 B.C.
Songs Relating to Rats
Board and Children Games
Human Benefits of Rats
In Different Languages
French: rat
Spanish: rata
Danish: rotte
Finnish: rotta
Czech: krysa
Chinese: shu
Rat Technology
Saving Rats
CavyRescue is a nonprofit charity that rescues rodents, like guinea pigs, hamsters, and rats. They try to educate people on small animal welfare.
Cartoon Characters
Roscuro (from The Tale of Despereaux)
Emile & Remy (from Ratatouille)
"I'd bet you'd win them,
if put to the test.
There is no doubt about it,
rats are the best."
- Aydia77
The Best Pet of All
John B. Calhoun studied
rats and learned about the effects
of overpopulation on a society. He
used rats in a society and noticed
how they functioned together. He
watched how dealt with
overpopulation, hoping to find a
good way to avoid it.
"We came as close as
we could and watched
the rat dig his way into an orange, claws working meticulously...
Surprised by the whiteness of the belly, how open it was and vulnerable,
I suggested I fetch my .22.
She said, 'Do you want to kill him?'
I didn't."
- Philip Levine
The Rat of Faith
Mainely Rat Rescue is a nonprofit organization that rescues and gives homes to domestic rats. They want to educate the public on what amazing pets rats can make.
Children's Books
How To Save Your Tail
is a
short story about a clever rat
named Bob who ends up
becoming captured by castle rats.
Eventually, he is able to escape.
This fun little tale is directed
towards younger audiences, but
that doesn't mean you can't read it!
To "rat on someone" means to report or tattle on somebody else.
Rat On Someone
In the book
Cinderella’s Rat
by Susan Meddaugh a rat is magically transformed into a coach boy. An old woman tells him to drive a girl to a castle in his pumpkin-like coach. The former rat encounters another boy and they eat bread together in a kitchen. The other boy spots a rat scurrying around, who happened to be the former rat’s sister. The new boy cries for somebody to kill the female rodent. In the story, the former rat learns a very valuable lesson that is described as the book concludes.
Keiko Kasza writes
The Rat and The Tiger
about two very unlikely friends. A rat and a tiger, two natural enemies, have fun and play together all the time. They are friendly to each other most of the time, but one day the tiger takes his bullying and teasing too far. The rat stands up for himself and refuses to befriend the tiger again until he learns his lesson. This heartwarming story delivers an important message about friendship that can be read in this book by all ages.
Math Connections
It has been estimated that there are 5 billion rats in the world.
How Many Rats Are
There In the World?
The Average Rat
Adult female rats normally weigh between 225 grams and 400 grams. Adult male rats weigh from about 250 grams to 550 grams. Size may vary for different kinds of rats, but a full grown rat for both genders would usually grow to around 30 to 40 cm, including the tail.
Rat Reproduction Rate
The Lab Rat Chronicles
by Kelly Lambert, PhD

This book is about how humans should learn from rats and their success. The lab rats' behavior and other actions are a good example for us to follow.
Most rats can breed throughout the whole year. Females are able to produce about 5 litters each year, with a single litter having 7 to 14 offspring.
An average rat's life span is around 2 to 3 years, but it is possible for a good stock rat to live for 4 years or more.
Rat Life Expectancy
"I Smell a Rat" by Patti Griffin
"Year of the Rat" by Tristania
"Rat Race" by the Specials
"You're this rat in the American maze, working your way towards the cheese, which is a job." -Kevin Costner
"An old rat is a brave rat." -French Proverb
"You can drop humans anywhere and they'll thrive- only the rat does as well." -Jeanette Desor
Mall Rats
People who spend most of their time hanging out together in malls or stores. This shows a connection of friendship to rats.
Gregoire Courtine led research
attempting to help people and
animals walk even with a hurt
spine. He also succeeded in
helping a rat 'walk' even
when his spine was broken.
Rat a Tat Cat,
and Rap Rat
are amongst the many games with rats in them.
In many countries, rats are
trained to detect land mines.
They also have an excellent
sense of smell, so they can
be excellent detectives.
Rats have been used in
laboratories as test
subjects. For example, a
rat with a broken spine
learned to walk again
due to the advances in
Rat Games
Written by:
Katherine Hui
Joyce Ann Lee
Noah Sheidlower
Ethan Wang
and Jennifer Wang
The End
Special thanks to Terry Pratchett
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