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Chemistry is Life Project

This prezi announces an individual project which asks students to research a topic of their interest and how it relates to chemistry and report the information as an infographic .

Valerie Henderson

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of Chemistry is Life Project

What's your plan?
Soon(ish) you will be finished with the part of your life where you have to go to school every day.
Chemistry and You!
Have you ever found yourself in class wondering...
Did you know?
What interests you?
Think about that plan you wrote out...
Choose Your Topic!
5 minutes.

Choose your topic!
How to Complete Your Project
1. Research your topic
Document your research.
Cite your sources!

2. Create an Infographic
Show the connection between your topic and a chemistry concept

3. Post and Present your Infographic
Post your infographic to your period's blog
Present your Infographic to the class (3-5 min)
Use the school computers during class to research your topic and how it relates to chemistry.

Use the rubric provided to guide your project design.
How to Make an Infographic
When am I ever going to use this stuff?
A project to determine how chemistry relates to YOUR life!
(By that, I mean that after high school, going to school is your choice (Right now, legally, you have to go to school))
What are you going to do after high school?
What's your life plan?
Please use the "Chemistry is Life" paper to brainstorm.
5 minutes.
Think about what you want to do with your life.

Write down jobs you might like to do.

Can't think of any jobs?
Write down things that you like to do...
Do you have expensive hobbies/likes? Then, you need to think of a job that can pay for those.
When am I
going to use this stuff?!
Be honest, now...
Who uses chemistry?
Chemists, duh!
Your job is to choose a topic.
The project is to research your topic and how it uses chemistry.
Free Infographic Creation Tools:
(Piktochart is what has been used most in the past)
Tips for Creating an Awesome Infographic:
Don't worry too much about how it relates to chemistry. That is what you're going to be researching.
How to print Your Infographic:
Be sure that you created an infographic that is the same number of pixels wide and long as the paper you're printing to.
Standard paper =
8.5" x 11"
This is a free converter. Type in the inches of your paper. It converts that to pixels.
8.5 inches = 800 pixels (that's for your width)
11 inches = 960 pixels
Choose your Topic.

Tell the teacher your Topic.

Become a Blog Editor (use your gmail or make a gmail) and type it on the teacher's computer.
Day 1
Day 2:
Tell the teacher what concept in chemistry your topic is an example of.
Create your infographic (see the slide with the inches to pixels converter).
How to post to your period's blog:
1. Go to our class website
2. At the top, under the units tab, click on
"Life is Chemistry"
3. Scroll down to find your class periods' blog button.
4. Become a blog editor - see Ms. Henderson to give her your gmail so she can add you
Chemistry...it's not just for chemists...
Please take 5 minutes to choose your topic. Please write your topic down in the space provided on the Chemistry is Life paper.
Need help determining credible sources? In the Lab Report Help Center, please watch:
"Lab Report Writing 201: Research"
Watch this screencast before beginning.
Complete the section on the Chemistry
Full transcript