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Yulia Lipnitskaya

No description

Kristina Khanenko

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Yulia Lipnitskaya

Yulia Lipnitskaya
The only skater younger than Lipnitskaya to that has won golden medial is Maxi Herber in 1936 Winter Olympics. Lipnitskaya also became the youngest individual Olympic gold medalist. On the 10th of February 2014, Lipnitskaya appeared on the cover of Time magazine in the European and Asian editions. After the team event, she left Sochi to train at her regular rink in Moscow. In inividual event, she got the fifth place in the short program after missing triple-flip, she also got sixth in the free skate after a step out on her triple-loop and a fall on triple-salchow, and finished 5th overall.Lipnitskaya said, "I thought i could take it to the end, I had enough physical strength left, but at the end I lost control of my jumps."
Olympic Games 2014
Olympic games 2014
Lipnitskaya began training at age four after her mother convinced the skating coach Elena Levkovets to accept her as a student. She skated in Yekaterinburg until 2009 when she and her mother began to discuss her future, so they decieded that they should relocate for the purposes of her skating career . They moved to Moscow where Lipnitskaya joined Eteri Tutberidze group in March 2009.
In the 2009–10 season, Lipnitskaya placed fifth on the junior level at the 2010 Russian Championships. She was fourth on the senior level the following season at the 2011 Russian Championships. She also competed at the 2011 Russian Junior Championships but withdrew from the competition after the short program.
Early Career
Lipnitskaya was selected for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The first skating event was the team trophy. The Russian team origanaly discussed assigning Lipnitskaya to the free skate and Sotnikova to the short program but finaly it was decided that Lipnitskaya would skate both. She got the first place in both competitions to help team Russia win the gold medal. She became the youngest Olympic gold medalist under modern rules, being six days younger than American Tara Lipinski.
By: Nastya,Kristina,Sergei,Maria
Lipnitskaya was born in Yekaterinburg, Russia and raised by a single mother, Daniela, who gave her own name to Yulia. Her father, Vyacheslav, was drafted into the Russian army while her mother was pregnant and chose not to return to the family.Her grandmother, Evgenia Koklova, engaged in acrobatics, skating, and sailing in her youth. Lipnitskaya is home-schooled and her hobbies include horse riding and drawing.

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