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Magic Water!

This is related to the novel I read-Tuck Everlasting.

Harleen Sidhu

on 2 June 2013

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Transcript of Magic Water!

Magic Water!
Drink some magic water and
stay alive forever!!! If drink it,what happens? Example:
Once a family
drank that magic water and they are still living,they stayed their own height and didn't grow a bit. Well,if you drink it you maybe can get hurt but you will never feel you got hurt!!!
Also,if people used violence towards you ,you won't feel you got hit. Why? Drink it. This water is magic,you
will never ever die in your

For proof come to a tree that is at the Fosters family cottage,you can see the tree that didn't grow a inch. If you want that water come to the woods near a cottage and you will see me there.This water costs $500 for each person but if you want a special deal come now and it will be $150 a person. I came up with this idea by listening and watching advertisements which gave me an idea that I can make a advertisement of my own and use other peoples ideas to buy MAGIC WATER!
This is using details from the novel because
I mentioned the cottage next to the woods
and the Fosters once owned it.I also mentioned the
tree that they cut.
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