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Delirium By Lauren Oliver

No description

Destinee Broderick

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Delirium By Lauren Oliver

Delirium By Lauren Oliver
I enjoyed this book because it had a lot of imagery. I knew what was going on through out the book and always knew what was going on. Also this book is very descriptive so i never lost interest.

I would recommend this book to people who love adventure and romance books. I would also recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed "The Giver" by Louis Lowry because these books are similar to each other.
The main settings in my book are the Community and the "Wilds".

Community- The community is quiet, Patrolled and watched over.

"Wilds"- Non-crowded.
The theme of my book is Stand up for what you believe in even if you stand alone. I think this because in Lena's community you are not allowed to love people from the wilds or even ones who aren't cured. But Lena still loved Alex even if she knew she would get in big trouble if she got caught. She tri
Lena- Lena is the protagonist in my book. She is shy, smart, creative, and loves to run.

Hana- Hana is Lena's best friend she has always been there for her. She is kind, outgoing, fun and active.

Alex- Alex is a close friend of Lena's. He is outgoing, charming, and from the "wild"
Rising Action
The Rising Action in my book is when Lena meets Alex. She instantly falls in love with him and will then do anything to see him. She tries to see him everyday but is hard for her when he asks her to come to the "Wilds" with him. Lena has no idea what to say but she knows if she says no that she will regret it so she says yes. They make it up to the border line fence and they both have to climb over. Alex makes it but will Lena? Or will she get caught and never be able to see Alex or any of her friends again.
Comparisons and Connections.
I relate to the Protagonist in my book Lena. I relate to her because we both have the same personality. We both are shy and both love to run.

This book is related to "The Giver" by Louis Lowry. It is about a community that has certain rules and policies such as loving someone. If you get caught you will be cured and forget about the person you love.
Cured: When all you memories are taken away.
Wilds: People who aren't cured and live in a different community. Just like you and me.
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