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Size 12 Is Not Fat

An overview of the novel Size 12 Is Not Fat

Danielle Burghgraef

on 28 December 2012

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Transcript of Size 12 Is Not Fat

A mystery novel Size 12 Is Not Fat Plot A student in a dorm is killed. The protagonist, Heather decides to investigate. As she investigates, the killer continues to kill students and tries to stop Heather from finding out who they are. In the end, Heather is able to solve the mystery and find the killer. Characterization There are many characters and sub-characters in the novel. Suspense is given to the antagonist because you do not find out it is her until the end. The writer reveals the main character through their actions and what other characters say about her. Setting There are a few scenes in which the story unfolds.
-New York college dorm
-Heather's brownstone
-Park Conflict There is much conflict that occurs within the novel. The murder scenes and when the antagonist tries to kill the protagonist, are all examples of conflict.
There is man vs. man conflict and man vs. society. Theme The theme of Size 12 Is Not Fat is jealousy can be deadly. The jealousy of Rachel (the antagonist) was enough to make her kill for it. It shows that emotions can take over. -Heather Wells (Main character, protagonist)
-Rachel (Antagonist)
-Mr. Allington (College president)
-Mrs. Allington(President's wife)
-Christopher Allington
-Elizabeth (Victim)
-Roberta (Victim)
-Jordan Cartwright (Heather's ex)
-Cooper Cartwright (Heather's friend) The mood of the novel is mystery. The actions and thoughts of the characters give off mystery within the novel. Mood The author tells the story from a first
person point of view. That which is from the protagonist, Heather. It tells the story from her perspective. Point of view Works Cited www.thepiratebalthasar.blogspot.com









www.wichitasedgwickcountycrimestoppers.com By Meg Cabot Suspense One of the three main characteristics of this novel is suspense. The characters actions and events create the suspense in the novel. A discovery made can also create suspense. The whole novel revolves around suspense. Evidence Evidence is an important theme in the novel. The protagonist creates a theory of suspects based around evidence found. That evidence can be misleading though; it does not always lead to the solution. Crime Crime is the basis of any detective/mystery novel. In Size 12 Is Not Fat, there are multiple crimes committed. Those crimes can affect the detective directly, through someone that is connected to the detective. THE END
Thank you for watching Suspense + Evidence + Crime + Elements of a story = Mystery Novel
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