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After Twenty Years

BDavis 4th

Ingraham 5

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of After Twenty Years

After Twenty Years Short Story By: O. Henry Theme: Friendship is not more important than doing what's right. Conflict: The conflict is internal because Jimmy must decide between his loyalty to the law, and loyalty to his friend. Opinion I chose this book because it is a prime example of how people can change, and that you might not really know someone, or what they will do. I liked it because the suspense and plot twists make it an interesting story. This story is so good, I would make no changes. I would like to know where the author got the idea for the story. Did it happen to him, or maybe to a friend? Exposition Climax Resolution Rising Action Falling Action A police officer strolls down the street with a natural swagger. He runs into “Silky” Bob, who is waiting in front of a store. Bob explains that he is waiting for a friend whom he had sworn to meet on the same day and time twenty years after they parted. Bob lights a Cigar, illuminating his face. The police officer leaves Bob to wait for his friend. A man comes up, claiming to be Jimmy Wells, and he walks with Bob. When the two men pass by a brightly-lit drugstore, Bob realizes that the other man is not Jimmy Wells. The man, who is really a plainclothes officer, arrests Bob and hands him a note from his friend, the real Jimmy. Bob opens the note. It says that Jimmy, who was the Police Officer that had talked to Bob earlier, recognized his face from a wanted poster when Bob lit the cigar. He couldn’t arrest Bob himself, so he sent the plainclothes man to do it. The story takes place in New York City, in front of a store. “Silky” Bob, Jimmy Wells, and a plainclothes police officer are the characters. The story begins as a police officer walks down the street. Prezi By: B. D.
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