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Jordan Ratliff

on 9 September 2014

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Transcript of Populism

The farmers had rising debt
crop prices are falling
they are being over charged by railroads
bad weather
Farmer Problems
Populist Movement
a movement that grew from the Granger organization
they protested against things like the unfair pricing from the railroads and rebates for big business
The Cross of Gold
a speech by William Jennings Bryan
the democrats loved his speech and were impressed so they chose him to run for president
in 1896 its William Jennings Bryan running against William Mckinley for president.
William Jennings Bryan does not win the election, Mckinley did.
The Grange
The farmers created this organization in 1867
This organization started as just a social organization but it became political
The members of the organization pretty much were warning farmers that they are being run over by banks and the railroads
Elena, Jordan, Chris, Michael
Late 1800's
Omaha Platform
increase money supply
graduated income tax
Secret Ballot
Federal Loans for farmers
8 hour workday
The End Of Populism:
after Mckinley won the election the Populist Movement died.
Even though the Populist Movement died it still left different legacies.
after they lost the election that was when the people had no faith and no money to keep the party going.
Cites: the powerpoint, ask.com, princeton.edu
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