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Female Masturbation

No description

Kelly Baker

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Female Masturbation

Female Masturbation
Males Masturbate more than Females, and have done so for many years.
Masturbation is still a sensitive topic for women to openly talk about, although it is becoming more and more acceptable
There is no relationship between masturbation and orgasm during intercourse, however, it does allow women to develop understanding and preference in terms of what they like
Although vibrator use is fairly common among women, negative connotations towards the subject still exist that need to be addressed to aid in sexual health promotion
Table of Contents
What is Masturbation
Comparison Between Males and Females
Relationship Between Masturbation & Orgasm
Women's Thoughts on Masturbation
Toys and Masturbation
What is Masturbation ?
Touching or rubbing sexual organs for pleasure
It is considered a normal part of healthy life and exploration of ones body
Safe sexual activity that allows people to find out what feels good, where and how they like to be touched, and how to reach orgasm; prevents STIs, HIV, and unintended pregnancies
Some people who masturbate, may feel ashamed or embarrassed. This is because masturbation has been labeled as deviant, dangerous, and sinful
There is no right way to masturbate. Everyone has personal preferences
Can potentially lead to greater social competence, positive self-development and well-being
Why is Female Masturbation considered taboo compared to Males?
Discussion Question#1
93% of Men have Masturbated before the age of 25
40-48% of Women have Masturbated by the age of 25
Some Reasons for this Gender Gap may include;
Different Sexual Scripts
Different messages conveyed about sex in their culture.
33.6% of Men, and 13.7% Women with advanced degrees Masturbate
20% of Men, and 5.6% of females with no post secondary eduction reported masturbating
Ontario University Study by Lee, 2001 Stated that
84% of Men and 62% of Women have masturbated by the age of 16
2001 Study by Lee
81% of Males, while 45% of Females reported masturbating .
Of those who reported masturbating 88% of men and 82% of Women said they experienced masturbation through self-exploration.
Leitenberg 1993
His overall results states that nearly
twice as many men as women reported ever masturbating. In addition, between
the men and women who did
masturbate, men did so three times as often.
Females Compared to Males
Female Masturbation & Achievement of Orgasm During Intercourse
59% direct masturbators, 21.4% indirect, 19.6% non-masturbators
70% reported no change in their masturbation style
What are women saying?
Extremely sensitive subject with more women willing to report their views retrospectively
Jocelyn Elders
Range of viewpoints from negative to positive
Lets hear from the girls!
Discussion Question
What are some ways we can change the negative or unspoken nature of female masturbation?

Discussion Question:
Guys: How many of you have or would feel comfortable with your partner using a sex toy to masturbate in front of you?
Girls: How many of you have or would feel comfortable masturbating with a sex toy in front of your partner?
A 2011 U.S. study interviewed 20 women aged 18-59 about their sexual histories, sexual practices and views on sexuality: 90% used sex toys for masturbation or with partners
6 themes regarding sex toy use for masturbation were generated, 2 involve embarrassment or shame of sex toy use
Good Vibrations
52% of women use vibrators
2/3 women use vibrators with their partner(s)
Vibrator use has been positively associated with many aspects of women's sex lives including lubrication, arousal, and achievement of orgasm
Vibrator use has the potential to increase sexual desire for those with low libido, help with chronic pain and address poor body image
The Shame Game
45-69% of women who have sex with women (WSW) use sex toys together or when masturbating
22% of WSW don't wash their sex toys before sharing them
The majority of WSW don't use condoms when using sex toys
Why not? How can we influence this?
Sexual Health Perspective: Keeping Toys Clean
Discussion Question

Why do you think those with advanced degrees tend to Masturbate more than those without?
Quotes from Girls in the Studies
Hogarth and Ingham (2009)
"I would never touch myself...you know... its just not right 'cos only a boy suppose to touch you there and even then its not great" -Stephanie
"You know the first I ever touched myself down there...oh my god... it was amazing... I mean really amazing... It was like discovering the pot of honey, it was like my secret" - Jessica
Kaestle and Allen (2011)
"Masturbation as I have always been taught is an absolute no no... I still believe masturbation is wrong. I still believe that masturbation is sinful and no one should be involved in this act of masturbation" - Polly
"I have come to learn and accept that I must learn to pleasure myself before I can have anyone else truly pleasure me while having sex... I feel that masturbation is an important part in exploring your own sexuality so you can know what you like and what you don't like... Masturbation is really very important to having a healthy sexual life" - Barb
A Few Interesting Discoveries
many women reported feeling the orgasmic contractions against a vaginally contained penis to be more pleasurable than orgasm experienced with empty vagina
indirect masturbators have greater awareness of vaginal sensation than direct
direct masturbators have greater preference for clitoral, as opposed to vaginal stimulation
allows for better understanding of female sexuality
useful source of education
provides insight to the different methods
can help with situational anorgasmia
non-representative samples
does not represent all sexualities
focus only on vaginal/clitoris stimulation
Discussion Question:
Do you think that women who
do not
masturbate are inhibited in terms of their sexuality?
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