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Dominic Gavin

No description

Mike Graham

on 13 January 2017

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Transcript of Dominic Gavin

Dominic Gavin
more interesting facts
The ancient Egyptians, greeks, and Romans all had crayons. Well,sort of. They used pigment laced wax to paint stonework. But they hadn't yet sorted out the hole hand-held concept.
More Interesting Facts
It took Leonardo Da Vinci and the mayhem of the Renaissane master craft shop to concoct hand held crayons for quick drafting.
First hot wax arrives at the crayon making plant. Then,heated machines mix the wax with pigment or color. The hot waxy liquid is poured into crayon molding tables. Cold water travels through tubes in the moldsto cool the wax down. A scraper takes away all of the extra cool wax. The crayons are pulled out of the machines and inspected. Finally a machine adds labels and crayons are shipped to stores.
Interesting Facts
They had most sucess with making wax of crayons with bees wax and grated soap. By the time you turn ten years old, you have used up approximately 720 crayons. The Jack Daniels and crayola crayon box are derived from the exact same design; the 1904 gold metal drafted by sculplor Adolph A.
Steps To Make Crayons
More Facts
The crayola company used a crayon recipe that called for whale bubbler. Don't worry, they'velong since stoped using marine wild life as ingrediant.
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