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Web Filtering with Barracuda Networks

No description

Bartek Moczulski

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Web Filtering with Barracuda Networks

Web Filtering with
Barracuda Networks Content
Filtering Network
Security Data
Protection The
Beginning Archiving vs. Backup All items are kept safely
Audited (logged) access
User access
Well indexed - easy to find
Everyday use Snapshot in time
Privileged access
Disaster recovery tool
Fast massive restore
(Hope to) never use California, 2003

We start with "no per user fees"
antispam solution Development centres on 3 continents. by Bartek Moczulski
Sales Engineer EMEA
bmoczulski@barracuda.com Barracuda Message Archiver Keep your messages. Forever. Barracuda Backup Server Archive SMTP Relay POP3/IMAP download MAPI connector PST import MS Exchange Outlook archive GroupWise connector Hosted/Opensource mailservers policy alerts
end-user private access
expandable storage (CIFS,iSCSI) ??? ask user to delete mails??
create offline PST?? Exchange
Stubbing 21% 79% & Service what do YOU think about when you hear word "backup"? .......... is it
THIS? Traditional backup: 1. Lots of software agents (and licenses)
2. storage media (tapes)
3. backup plan (incremental, differential, full)
there's this offsite security...

4. the offsite guy. Problems? Media loss/theft
Waste of space
Complicated restore
Per-agent licensing 13 products dedicated for specific security tasks No. 1 content security appliance vendor (counted by IDC) Hardware appliances in 8 sizes Virtual appliances, cloud services and cloud components SSHFS CIFS Windows State MS SQL Exchange Hyper-V vSphere UNIX, Linux Agents Agents Agents Agents API Windows Shares Why dedicated server: Central point to manage backup jobs
Aggressive deduplication & compression
LAN-speed restore (no per-user fees) Deduplication "IDC study found that 70 percent of data is duplicate and has not been accessed in more than 90 days." "An integrated deduplication and archiving solution can save users 20 to 40 percent on their storage costs while allowing for critical data recovery, ******** said." http://www.enterprisestorageforum.com/ 100% 70% 20-40% Compression
and block-level deduplication across:
computers 6-40x = -96% thank you What about offsite copy? We keep it up here (and here) ...and you got it for free $$$ You can also keep it here AES encrypted link
Deduplication across sources
Cloud, PaaS, your own DR site - you choose
Bandwidth control Replication New in 5.0 (Aug 2012):
Barracuda LiveBoot backup mount and boot Available Models copy.com Share, Sync, Publish on Android
on iPhone
on Windows
on Mac
on Linux
via any Web Browser Web Filter Web Security FLEX More than filtering access to Web Content Filtering Social Media Malware Protection Non-web Application Control Deployment Reporting 95 built-in categories
Check and feedback form
Custom categories
URL/domain/MIME access list Double antivirus
"Phone-home" detection
Online scanner Granular access policies (FB: share, post, apps, like, chat, games, photos,....)
Message archive Hardware Virtual Inline
WCCP Authentication Kerberos
DC Agent Mobile users WSA
Secure Browser Built-in reporting engine Detect and transparently block:
instant messaging
etc. In-the-cloud filtering Hardware appliance Unified cloud management Instant deployment Barracuda Firewall UTM Firewall for the Cloud Era
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