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Portal 2 Hero's Journey

No description

Catherine Brant

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Portal 2 Hero's Journey

By: Catherine Brant &
Derek Caskey Portal 2 1. Unusual Birth 2. Call to Act 3. The Goal 5. Temptations and Obstacles 4. Hazarous Journey 6. Guide or Mentor 7. Talisman, Weapon or Charm for Protection The protagonist, Chell
is awoken from thousands
of years of sleep stasis Chell is awoken by Wheatley,
a small, robotic personality core Wheatley offers to help Chell get out of the
facility and into the outside world once again. GLaDOS, the central control core of
Aperture Science, wakes up and forces
Chell to complete more tests. The tests include turrets, water,
lasers and bottomless pits Wheatley gains control and betrays Chell The Portal Gun In the scientific research facility, Aperture Science Wheatley helps Chell out of her sleep stasis chamber
and into the rest of the overgrown and long forgotten facility. Chell finds a portal gun and uses it to
solve the long forgotten test chambers
and advance through the facility. Chell acts as the lab rat in a series of
tests overseen by GLaDOS They also require the use of weighted storage cubes and in a few instances, the weighted companion cube PotatOS becomes Chell's next
mentor in the depths of Aperture Science 8. Descent into Darkness Chell and PotatOS are banished to the ancient depths of Aperture Science 9. The Wound Chell is knocked unconscious after
defeating Wheatley and putting GLaDOS back in control 10. The Prize Chell is awarded her freedom
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