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No description

Gena Pitts

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of job

have several patients throughout the day Entry level Requirements Gena Pitts
Period 2 What they do. Typical Day Dangers!! take x-ray of your bones In the winter they have many chest
x-rays because of colds also have many broken bones because of skiing and sports Pay Beginning salary is $8.30 an hour Full time is $54,340 per year Part time is $20-25,000 a year Work Environment Might be in stressful situations
such as accidents and traumas
dealing with doctors
patient care Part time is $20-25,000 a year the weekend package How to Become One. Schooling
- Only need high school diploma
- 2 years of technical institute or hospital based
- You earn a associates degree in science when done with schooling •You need a high school diploma to enter field Possible exposure to radiation! Possibility of catching a disease from sick patients. You will need..... You are about to learn..... What it is like
to be an x-ray tech your organs and how your body works Any Questions?
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